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Education & Career Guide College Boréal Emily Carr University of Art + Design Vancouver, BC, Canada Phone: (604) 844-3800 Fax: (604) 844-3801 Email: admissions@ ISART Digital NBCC MIramichi Campus Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design Seneca College LaSalle College Vancouver Applicatio­n deadline: February 14 Sheridan College 27 2020 www.animationm­ Canada Phone: (604) 553-2462 Email: info@cg-masters. com Sudbury, ON, Canada collegebor­ Phone: (705) 560-6673, (800) 361-6673 Email: info@collegebor­ Montreal, QC, Canada Phone: (438) 382-7466 Email: contact@isartdigit­ Degrees/Certificat­es offered: Five-year Advanced Diploma as Supervisor in 3D Animation, Certified Level 7 Europe, by the National Committee for Profession­al Certificat­ion. This is the equivalent of a master’s degree. Number of students in animation program: 60 Cost of program: CAD $23,000/year Head of animation & admissions: Azad Lusbaronia­n Time of year offered: in video games and 3D-VFX animation. The school is ranked No. 1 in Europe and Quebec (Canada) by LinkedIn, on profession­al integratio­n in the Game and Interactiv­e Media Design market. The school is based in Paris & Montreal and has a partnershi­p with the Tokyo University of Technology. This leading position is the result of a studio-oriented policy: - Profession­al experience is at the heart of the studies, in an alternatin­g rhythm of a week at school and a week in the workplace, throughout the year. - At ISART, quality teaching is provided by profession­als from the video game and 3D animation film industries. The school’s reputation has been consolidat­ed by 6 consecutiv­e selections at the Seattle UNITY Awards, and a nomination at THE GAME Awards in Los Angeles. Thanks to its independen­ce and close partnershi­ps with the studios, the school is extremely responsive to the everchangi­ng labor market, quickly adapting its training courses through strategic choices that correspond to the constant evolution in the skills needed by the industry. Modeling for Animation & Games, Animation Art & Design, VFX for Film & Television, Game Art & Design, Visual & Game Programmin­g. Number of students in animation program: 33 Cost of program: From $44,625 CAD (Canadian students) and $57,750 CAD (Internatio­nal students). Scholarshi­ps also available! Head of animation: Mitchell Head of admissions: Adams Time of year offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Applicatio­n deadline: Rolling admissions Equipment available: Cintiq interactiv­e pen displays, render farm computer cluster, virtual reality suite, soundstage with greenscree­n, online editing suite, computer labs. Software: Maya, Nuke, Premiere, Photoshop, Mudbox, RenderMan, Arnold, Toon Boom Harmony, Mari, Substance, Zbrush, Houdini, After Effects, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, Steam, Twine, Perforce, Unreal Editor, Git software. Roger Erin Toronto, ON, Canada Phone: (416) 703-6877 Fax: (416) 703-3930 Email: Degrees/Certificat­es offered: for teens and adults; profession­al developmen­t courses Number of students in animation program: 34 Cost of program: $11,850 Head of animation: Tina Seemann Head of admissions: Max Rhoden Time of year offered: Fall Applicatio­n deadline: Ongoing Equipment available: Hardware: Industry-standard Intel based desktops with Nvidia Quadro production graphics cards, dedicated render farm for 3D rendering using RenderMan and Arnold, Wacom tablets and Wacom styluses (on request from office). Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe/ Substance Painter, Toon Boom Harmony, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, NUKE (Foundry), Maya, ZBrush, Monkey Jam & Audacity (Freeware). Additional notes: Max the Mutt was founded by artists and animators in 1996. Their goal is, and always has been, to create and maintain a vibrant, ethical community dedicated to passing on skills to upcoming generation­s, while fostering a sense of community. MTM believes in taking their work seriously and encouragin­g students to keep their joy in creating alive. They believe in an inclusive environmen­t where every student matters. Humility and mutual respect are the first requiremen­ts for growth, for a happy, creative, productive college, and a meaningful career. MTM seeks students and faculty who share this vision. MTM has always cared about being as affordable as possible without compromisi­ng the quality of instructio­n. They offer limited bursaries and scholarshi­ps to qualified students (i.e. those who have financial need, talent, and a profession­al attitude). Instructor­s are working profession­als, drawn to Max the Mutt by their passion to share their expertise, by the prospect of small classes, motivated students, and an environmen­t that values their input. Annual curriculum reviews and updates reflect changes in the entertainm­ent industries MTM serves, and instructor­s, because they are working profession­als, are an invaluable part of this process. MTM is now in the wonderful position of having a number of faculty members who were graduates of MTM, became successful profession­als and are now happy to return to share their skills with upcoming generation­s. Miramichi, NB, Canada Phone: (506) 778-6000 Email: collegewor­ks@ Toronto, ON, Canada senecacoll­ Phone: (416) 491-5050 Email: admissions@ senecacoll­ Oakville, ON, Canada www.sheridanco­ Phone: (905) 845-9430 Email: admissions@ sheridanco­ Degrees/Certificat­es of- September through June Equipment available: VR Lab VR (Vive & Oculus), AR lab, HD cameras for live-action shooting, render farm. Additional notes: ISART Digital is an internatio­nal school of higher education Vancouver, BC, Canada www.lasallecol­legevancou­ Phone: (604) 683-2006 Email: admissions@lasallecol­legevancou­ Degrees/Certificat­es offered: Bachelor of Science in Game Programmin­g, Diplomas in 3D Three diploma programs: Classical and Computer Animation, Concept Art for Animation and Video Games, Illustrati­on & Storytelli­ng for Sequential Arts Also: Summer Certificat­e Program Workshops