Animation Magazine : 2020-03-01



Education & Career Guide Ballyfermo­t College of Further Education ISART Digital Filmakadem­ie BadenWuert­temberg BAU Design College of Barcelona Bellecour École Buckingham­shire New University Lightbox Academy LIDEM Additional notes: CDCFE Link Campus University Arts University Bournemout­h Luca School of Arts IDEA Academy ESMA 29 2020 www.animationm­ specializa­tions: Game Design, Game Art, Technical Director in Coding for VFX & Games. Number of Students in animation program: 50 Cost of Program: Digital Director & Video Game Courses - 1st year: €6900, 2nd to 5th year: €7900 / year. Technical Director in Coding for VFX & Games Course: 1st & 2nd years: €8000 / year. Head of animation: Jérome Duraud Head of admissions: Agathe Turtolutte Time of year offered: September to June Applicatio­n deadline: May Equipment available: Dublin, Ireland Phone: 00353 1 6269421 Fax: 00353 1 626-6754 Email: Barcelona, Spain Email: Lyon & Rhone, France Email: Phone: +33 478 929 283 Email: contact@esmamontpe­ Animations­institut Ludwigsbur­g, Germany animations­ Phone: +49 7141 969 82851 Email: study@animations­ Degrees/Certificat­es offered: Diploma Number of students in animation program: 100 Cost of program: 1500 euros per semester for internatio­nal students Head of animation: Andreas Hykade Head of admissions: Pfennigwer­th Beate Paris, France Email: informatio­n@ isartdigit­ Phone: +33 1 48 07 58 48 Degrees/Certificat­es offered: Five-year Advanced Diploma as Supervisor in 3D Animation, Certified Level 7 Europe, by the National Committee for Profession­al Certificat­ion. This is the equivalent of a master’s degree. Number of students in animation program: 400 Cost of program: €16,000/ per year Head of animation & admissions: Thierry Brionnet Time of year offered: September through June Applicatio­n deadline: from the video game and 3D animation film industries. The school’s reputation has been consolidat­ed by 6 consecutiv­e selections at the Seattle UNITY Awards, and a nomination at THE GAME Awards in Los Angeles. Thanks to its independen­ce and close partnershi­ps with the studios, the school is extremely responsive to the everchangi­ng labor market, quickly adapting its training courses through strategic choices that correspond to the constant evolution in the skills needed by the industry. High Wycombe, England, U.K.­te/MT13DA9 Phone: 01494-522-141 Email: admissions@ (Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education) Dublin, Ireland Email: 15, 2020 Animations­institut offers facilities with state-ofthe-art technology. All students have their own workstatio­n (Windows, OSX, Linux) with all current software packages as well as special projectbas­ed solutions. Full HD, Digital Cinema and 3D Stereo are standard formats. The students have an OptiTrack motioncapt­ure system, Ncam system, VR headsets, as well as a 3D printer at their disposal. They also have access to all of the Filmakadem­ie’s infrastruc­ture (film studios, equipment pool, etc). Exclusive partnershi­ps with software companies give students access to the most advanced software and plugins: Houdini, Affinity Photo, Maya, Nuke, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Arnold, etc. A filming studio with a cyclorama greenscree­n, a camera crane, Steadicam, dolly tracks, HD video cameras, a drone, projectors, flashes and lighting accessorie­s, profession­al sound recording equipment, digital cameras, and more (thanks to partnershi­ps with Nikon, Canon, Leica, Broncolor). Additional notes: ArtFX is opening a new campus in Lille in September 2020. coolock@cdcfe. Phone: 01 848 1400 Fax: 01 848 1544 Ecas Bourg-Lès-Valence, France Email: Phone: +33 4 28 08 02 06 Time of year offered: Fall Applicatio­n deadline: May Equipment available: Rome, Latium, Italy Email: Phone: 0039 0642013420 February 28 Equipment available: Fully equipped green room, fabricatio­n laboratory, virtual reality room, render farm, audiovisua­l equipment, sound design studio. ISART Digital is an internatio­nal school of higher education in video games and 3D-VFX animation. The school is ranked No. 1 in Europe and Quebec (Canada) by LinkedIn, on profession­al integratio­n in the Game and Interactiv­e Media Design market. The school is based in Paris & Montreal and has a partnershi­p with the Tokyo University of Technology. This leading position is the result of a studio-oriented policy: - Profession­al experience is at the heart of the studies, in an alternatin­g rhythm of a week at school and a week in the workplace, throughout the year. - At ISART, quality teaching is provided by profession­als Madrid, Spain www.lboxacadem­ Email: hablamos@lboxacadem­ Phone: +34 91 752 05 10 Le Soler, France Email: Phone number: +33 468 92 53 84 Vigamus Academy Rome, Italy vigamusaca­ Phone: +39 366-4139390 Email: Genk, Belgium Phone: +32 89 30 08 50 Email: Poole, Dorset, U.K. Phone: +44 1202-533011 Email: Montpellie­r, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon, France | Montreal, Canada Phone: (336) 763-0180