The Saline Courier Weekend : 2019-06-16



10 Sunday, June 16, 2019 The Saline Courier Fact or Fiction? Snake Challenge Many people think snakes are dirty and slimy, when in fact, they are just the opposite. Snakes are some of the smoothest, cleanest creatures on earth because they shed their skin regularly. Here are some questions about snakes. How many can you answer correctly? Q: Jokes and Riddles 1) There are over 5,000 types of snakes, half of which are poisonous. Fact or Fiction? What kind of snake is good at math? 2) Snakes are helpful to farmers. 3) All snakes lay eggs. 4) Young snakes break out of their eggs using special teeth. Fact or Fiction? Fact or Fiction? Q: Fact or Fiction? 5) All snakes are warm blooded. 6) Very few snakes can climb trees. 7) Some snakes can go for days without eating. 8) The anaconda is the largest poisonous snake in the world. Fact or Fiction? Fact or Fiction? Fact or Fiction? Fact or Why can’t you trust a snake? Fiction? 9) The king cobra is the largest non-poisonous snake in the world. Fact or Fiction? 10) The king cobra is the only snake that makes an actual nest for its eggs. What Rhymes With Fact or Fiction? Big and Aggressive List 10 words that rhyme with “snake.” 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ___________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. _____________ 7. ___________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. ____________ Your parents may have told you that snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them. While this is true, it does not mean you should attempt to handle snakes. When cornered, some snakes will attack. One such snake is the black mamba. The black mamba is the second-largest poisonous snake in the world. Just one bite can contain enough venom to kill 20 to 40 people. The black mamba is also one of the fastest snakes around, moving up to 12.5 miles per hour. Raging in color from dark olive green to grayish brown to metallic gray, the black mamba gets its name from its inky black mouth. It lives in eastern Africa and feeds mostly on small mammals. It does not go looking for humans to bite, but when provoked, it will bite them and can rear up its body nearly four feet to do so. COLORING PICTURE Name That Snake Each of the following is a poisonous snake. Fill in the blanks to name that snake. C __ P P __ R __ E __ D 1) __ O T T __ N __ O U __ H 2) E A __ __ E R N 3) D __ A M __ N __ R A __ __ L E __ N A __ E __ O R A __ S __ A __ E 4) P __ F F A __ __ E R 5) P A __ __ A S’ __ I P E 6) __

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