Girls' World : 2019-03-01

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAMILA! your birthday buzz YOU ASKED, CAMILA ANSWERED! C: Mo re HARRY STYLES February 1 SONI NICOLE BRINGAS February 2 MILO MANHEIM March 6 MALACHI BARTON March 10 EDWIN HONORET February 12 JORDYN JONES ED SHEERAN February 17 JACE NORMAN March 21 RODRIGO OLIVIA February 20 st ar bi rt h d ay s! ila Cabello may be one of the biggest pop stars around, but when it comes to celebratin­g her birthday, she says she likes to keep things simple. “I don’t normally do anything too big ” Camila t ll Th inger looks forward to she could see the elephants, l ng as I m able to be with my “There’s just nothing better than being able with people who love me while having cake.” Camila’s hap lebration, but we had to ask what she’d do if ’d be fun to travel to Thailand and t us in!

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