Girls' World : 2019-03-01

Front Page : 57 : 5

Front Page

Yeah Probably not Pretty much the same person Opposites You make eac other laugh! Yep Not always Have the same sense of humor Teach each other new things Be there for you Cheer you up Smile really big Make funny faces Tell your bud Keep it to yourself Talking Playing pranks 5 You balance out! each other bestie are complete You and your your that doesn’t hurt opposites, but personalit­ies different friendship! Having other guys teach each means that you look at help each other new things and of view. Yep, different point things from a Zora and Layne, just like Fast Layne’s make you closer! your difference­s You keep each other’s secrets! limits. no topic is off In your friendship, BFF book with your You’re an open on you can count because you know it’s lips zipped when her to keep her bond guys have a tight important. You each everything about because you know you happens when other. That’s what in your bestie! have total trust

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