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your storytime “But even if it was, who cares?” “I’ve been too afraid to try again since the “I do! I’ll make a fool of myself in front of first time we learned,” Jade finished as she everyone if I try this in class, but no matter came to the realizatio­n. what I try, I never get any better.” “Yeah, it’s kind of funny because you’re so “I don’t think you pay enough attention to good at everything else,” Ashley smiled. “I everyone else doing their turns,” Ashley said, wish I could leap across the room as high as and Jade could tell she was trying to be polite you do.” about it. “Really?” Jade was shocked. “What do you mean?” “Yeah, everybody does,” Ashley laughed. “There are maybe two girls in the whole “That’s why Miss Patty had you go first today. “This is Freestyle Fun ... where anything goes!” Ashley laughed. “Isn’t it the best? class who do perfect pirouettes and 12 girls She used you as an example.” who needs help from Miss Patty every time “I didn’t even realize,” Jade said. “I was so they try.” worried we’d have to do pirouettes again at “How have I never noticed that before?” the end of class.” Jade wondered out loud. “Well, you lucked out today,” Ashley giggled, “Maybe you’re just in your own head when then she looked over at Jade questionin­gly. we practice turns,” Ashley suggested. “Do you have to run home again? I’m “But no one else falls over like me,” Jade only asking because I think I know something defended. that would help you out.” “Maybe not anymore, but we’ve all been “No, I can stay,” Jade said. “Sorry about last practicing with Miss Patty and you ...” Ashley week by the way. I was just upset that you ...” trailed off, and Jade could tell she was trying But Ashley waved her off, clearly not wanting not to be rude. to make a big deal about it. She grabbed 62

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