Girls' World : 2019-03-01

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Meet the Girls of MYTHBUSTER­S JR.! Can you make a life-saving parachute out of Duct Tape? If you move the last piece from the bottom of a Jenga tower, can the tower still stand? If you’re constantly asking yourself questions like that, you should definitely check out this season of Myth Busters Jr. In the meantime, keep reading to find out what you can expect from the science-filled show and insider info from the cast! ON THE THE COOLEST MYTH I TESTED SHOW: NAME: AGE: HOME STATE: THE COOLEST MYTH I TESTED ON THE SHOW: MY FUNNIEST BEHIND-THE-SCENES MEMORY: MY FUNNIEST BEHIND-THE-SCENES MEMORY: WHAT I LIKE TO DO WHEN I’M NOT FILMING: I’M NOT WHAT I LIKE TO DO WHEN FILMING:

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