Girls' World : 2019-03-01

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Front Page

What T.V. Show Should You Star On? Cancer Scorpio Leo Sagittariu­s WATER (CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES) Water signs are known for being foodies, so KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSH­IP it’s only fitting you’d be on a show where you get to be creative and bake cool things! FIRE (ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIU­S) Bold, a natural-born Virgo Capricorn leader and fearless: These are all traits DANCING WITH STARS JUNIOR THE that a dancer would need, that’s why you would really shine on DWTS Junior! EARTH (TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN) is all about Shark Tank SHARK TANK Libra Aquarius you’re a certified pro at. You’d totally get a million-dollar investment! AIR (GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS) Like the show, you’re a little big shot! LITTLE BIG SHOTS You’ve got talent — whether you can do a record-number of tumbles or you’re a world-ranked yodeler. 95

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