Deb­o­rah Mak­lowski, CPSA, CPX

International Artist - - 10 Steps To Paint Like An Impressionist: Part 6 -

El­li­cott City, MD

Strat­i­fied, 11 x 7¼" (28 x 18 cm)


Spon­sored by: Col­ored Pen­cil So­ci­ety of Amer­ica District Chap­ters

Artist State­ment

Strat­i­fied is one of a se­ries of draw­ings in­spired by the un­ex­pected pat­terns and col­ors that evolve when but­ter melts in a pan. I take dozens of pho­tos, shoot­ing un­til the but­ter is com­pletely melted. In Pho­to­shop I zoom in on small sec­tions of each photo, ro­tat­ing and crop­ping to find the most in­ter­est­ing com­po­si­tions. I edit for color and bal­ance, and then draw the im­age on draft­ing film. The back is done first, keep­ing the val­ues about three to four steps darker than my goal; then I turn the film over and com­plete the front in the fi­nal, lighter val­ues.

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