National Enquirer : 2020-07-20

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ROB SHUTER VISIT SCOOP! JUST BEACHY AMERICA’S MOST TALKED ABOUT MAGAZINE 12 JULY 20, 2020 NATIONAL NENE WANTS TO BE NEXT WENDY — AND ANDY! ATLANTA “Housewife” NeNe Leakes wants to push Wendy Williams off her talk-show perch and grab it for herself! “NeNe wants to be the next Wendy Williams,” a source said. “She believes Wendy’s ex-husband sabotaged her attempt to get her own show. But now that he’s gone, there’s nothing stopping NeNe.” Sources said NeNe won’t stop there! “NeNe’s been pushing Bravo to fire Andy Cohen following all the racist comments made by his network’s stars. And replace him with her!” Andy and Wendy: On the move? LEA MICHELE A DIVA FROM DAY ONE! LEA MICHELE, 33, was difficult to work with long before she became a star on “Glee,” according to sources. “Lea was on a 1995 episode of ‘The Sally Jessy Raphael Show’ called ‘I’m a Kid & Already a Star’ — and she was awful even back then!” snitched a source. “She thought she was Barbra Streisand before she reached ten years old. It was kind of funny seeing such a little person be such a diva. Although, we all agreed she would never make it … we were wrong!”

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