National Enquirer : 2020-07-20

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TIGER WOODS ARNOLD SCHWARZENE­GGER THE “Terminator” tough guy’s world fell apart in 2011 when news broke he’d fathered a love child with family housekeepe­r Mildred Baena! Mildred, now 59, gave birth to their son, Joseph, on Oct. 2, 1997 — just five days after his wife, Maria Shriver, delivered their fourth child, Christophe­r — and the bombshell wrecked his 25-year marriage. “It was the stupidest thing I’ve done,” confessed Arnold, 72. But it wasn’t his first affair! Before marrying Maria, now 64, in 1986, he cheated on his live-in love with Brigitte Nielsen — his co-star in “Red Sonja.” S WORST heaters! OZZY OSBOURNE THE Black Sabbath frontman and wife Sharon, co-host of “The Talk,” celebrated their 38th wedding anniversar­y on July 4. But Ozzy, 71, admitted his biggest regret is cheating on his long-suffering spouse! In 2016, Sharon, 67, “went ballistic” and temporaril­y tossed him from their Beverly Hills mansion for bedding hairstylis­t Michelle Pugh! But the five-year fling wasn’t Ozzy’s first affair. His past lovers also included two nannies, a massage therapist, a family cook and a Russian teenager! But he swore, “I didn’t love any of them. There’s no other woman I want to spend my life with.” CLAIRE DANES NE JULY 20, 2020 19 WWW.NATIONALEN­QUIRER.COM NATIONAL kk Maria wasn’t having Arnold’s philanderi­ng Joseph and mom Mildred Hugh Dancy is Claire’s husband and father of her two sons Michelle Pugh Alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel Sharon has randy rocker Elin chased Tiger with a golf club when she learned of his affairs

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