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ADVERTISEM­ENT Greek Inventor’s Eardrops Could Make Hearing Aids Obsolete By 2023 Startling discovery r eardrops, not expensive & embarrassi­ng hearing devices some avoided me altogether. They would joke. “We can tell J.D. anything. He won’t say anything. He can’t hear a word you say.” By Jeffery Noldice Health Writer According to the a staggering 89% of Americans will eventually have to deal with hearing loss. But now, a well-respected Greek inventor claims he’s perfected an eardrop that helps you hear better — without needing a hearing aid. The eardrop is getting a lot of attention. After all, if a low-cost eardrop could reboot hearing, some predict the billion-dollar hearing aid industry could be out of business by 2023. MYKONOS: Deafness, National Institute on From Desperatio­n to Discovery J.D. tried every supplement and hearing device he could find. Nothing worked. “Most of the time, my hearing was cloudy. But sometimes I had no idea what was going on.” So the inventor began to experiment in his kitchen “science lab.” Old Family Remedy to The Rescue J.D.’s great-grandmothe­r proudly talked about the secret “miracle drops” too. After all, they were handed down for generation­s. She was delighted about all the people it helped over the years. Through many conversati­ons, J.D. learned about the ingredient­s used in the special ear drops. He discovered which herbs to use and not to use. How they were picked at distinct times of the year… and grown only in special soil. Hear What You’ve Been Missing It’s reported that the drops are powerful. Some say they can now hear things they couldn’t hear before. Others tell us they no longer struggle to hear the T.V. or ask people to repeat themselves anymore. Could this inventor’s “Miracle Eardrops” be the end of the multi-billion-dollar hearing aid industry? Reported to work no matter how bad your hearing is. Untreated Hearing Loss Often Leads to Depression The Great Big Hearing Aid Rip-Off “It Worked. It Really Worked.” And then one day, “I finally discovered just the right combinatio­n.” J.D. became his own guinea pig. He put the drop in his left ear and felt a pleasant WHOOSH. It felt great. Like a great blockage was removed. “I cried tears of joy. I got my clear hearing back!” In fact, J.D. claims to have restored almost all the elders in his village of weak hearing. And now, he wants to share his joy with everyone. That’s why you’re reading this article right now. We tracked the inventor of the drops down to a small island just off the coast of Mykonos. He was very protective about his privacy. But the man, (who only goes by the name J.D.) was very excited to openly talk about his eardrop formula. J.D. cleverly calls his drops agree it really is remarkable. “The drops let you hear sounds you may not have heard in a while, like the purring of a cat or the quiet hum of a small fan. But the biggest news is, Audiolo-G works after the very first dose… no matter how bad your hearing is.” But the inventor won’t reveal how it works. According to J.D., “Everybody is trying to get their hands on my formula. It wasn’t easy to come by and I definitely won’t let Big Pharma steal it from me. That’s for sure.” Never Sold in Stores Now I Watch TV Without Subtitles It’s not easy but J.D. purposely keeps his secret recipe from Big Pharma. “They’d like nothing more than to see me go away.” So to keep his formula secret, J.D. made arrange-ments with a small company that agrees to keep the formula secret and the price low. Audiolo-G is never sold in retail stores that rely on middlemen to jack up the price. Audiolo-G. Most users How to Get (2) FREE Bottles Everybody Stopped Yelling This is the official nationwide release of Audiolo-G. For the next 48 hours only, the company is offering readers 2 FREE bottles with any order. Plus, you get a full 90-day satisfacti­on guarantee. The Earthquake That Clobbered His Hearing FREE GIFT: Instant Back & Shoulder Fix For J.D., it all started in 1978 when his whole town was devastated by a massive earthquake. It was the same year he noticed his hearing seemed stuffy and clogged. He kept asking people to repeat themselves. And pretended to be in conversati­ons he didn’t hear. It was embarrassi­ng. Call now and we’ll also rush you a special FREE Gift— The “Instant Back & Shoulder Fix”. It corrects slump and posture while soothing even the most excruciati­ng pain. This one-size-fits all back-saver is virtually invisible under clothes and makes you appear slimmer and taller too. A $27.84 value, yours FREE with your order of Audiolo-G. Clinical-Strength Dose These clinical-strength eardrops can be used safely by anyone with muted or stuffy hearing. You won’t need to struggle with insurance companies to try it. And best of all, you won’t be embarrasse­d by an ugly tube hanging out of your ear canal. Frustrated Friends & Family This offer will expire soon. To order Audiolo-G, call 1-844-929-0418 now. Ordinary conversati­on was impossible. “I’d make my friends repeat every other word. It got so bad, THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRA­TION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY THE VIEWS AND OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS ADVERTISEM­ENT ARE THOSE OF THE ADVERTISER AND DO NOT REFLECT THE OPINIONS, POLICY OR POSITION OF THIS NEWSPAPER OR ITS PARENT COMPANIES OR AFFILIATES. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY INDIVIDUAL­S UNDER THE AGE OF 18 OFFER NOT VALID TO RESIDENTS OF IOWA

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