National Enquirer : 2020-07-20

ODDLIST : 47 : 47


ODDLIST NE - NON-POSTAL AND MILITARY FACILITIES: CANADA POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: National Enquirer, P.O. Box 37207, Boone, IA 50037-0207. Send address changes to American Media, LLC, P.O. Box 907 STN Main, Markham, ON L3P 0A7, Canada. From time to time we make our subscriber list available to companies who sell goods and services by mail that we believe would interest our readers. If you would rather not receive such mailings, please send your current mailing label to: National Enquirer, P.O. Box 37207, Boone, IA, 50037-0207. We assume no responsibi­lity for returning unsolicite­d material, including but not limited to photograph­s, artwork, manuscript­s, and letters. Contests open to U.S. residents only. PRINTED IN THE U.S.A. JULY 20, 2020 47 WWW.NATIONALEN­QUIRER.COM NATIONAL kk

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