New York Magazine : 2020-09-28

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food Patronize a Place With the Bad Luck to Open During a Pandemic But the Good Luck to Be Able to Serve Outside . 3. DRESS FOR DINNER LIKE A NORTH WOODS MAINER The Carreau Club It’s unlikely that anyone has ever asked Karen and Igor Sikorsky their thoughts on what to wear when dining out in New York. The Sikorskys run a ridiculous­ly remote fishing camp in North Central Maine, and they dress the part. (They also happen to be relatives of ours, in full disclosure.) That said, with the prospect of New York’s outdoordin­ing program being extended through the end of the year, we thought, who better to tell us what to wear when the temperatur­e drops and all the tables next to the heat lamps are spoken for? Here are a few of their tips. For more, go to Top Quality FINGERLESS GLOVES Outerspace ($25 at kitterytra­ Equipped with PVC dots on the palms for gripping power, these mitts work as well for carving up an order of steak-frites as they do for tying on a fly to catch a trout. NECK GAITERS While neck gaiters are no substitute for N95s, the Sikorskys recommend these overgrown turtleneck­s as supplement­al face coverings. “You can pull them over your mouth and nose between sips and bites with one hand,” they say. They like the ones a headgear company called makes in Vermont from a variety of plush materials and styles some of which you can apparently convert into hats. Lhasa Tibetan Restaurant Skida ($22 to $28), Kokomo INSULATED SEAT CUSHIONS Confidence may be the best accessory, but don’t underestim­ate throw blankets, Hothands, and Wigwam socks, say our experts. More familiar, perhaps, to Green Bay Packers fans than the average restaurant­goer is the Sikorsky-endorsed Public Village ($15 at REI). Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad The aluminized foam cushion, according to the company, “adds warmth when resting on rocks, wet logs, and snowbanks,” and we’d wager it would also do the trick for Bar Pitti’s outdoor café chairs. 46 new york | september 28–october 11, 2020