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Was Corvo al­ways a si­lent pro­tag­o­nist?

One of the cri­tiques of Dis­hon­ored is that peo­ple say Corvo feels weirdly flat and emo­tion­less – he doesn’t have a re­ac­tion to things. There were some of us who wanted him to be si­lent so it didn’t tam­per with the player’s view­point, and we did de­cide very late in the project. I think Todd Howard men­tioned to Raf, “Have you tried giv­ing Corvo a voice? Have you just tried? It might be in­ter­est­ing,” but it was just too late. We had al­ready started trans­lat­ing and it would have been an­other record­ing ses­sion at the very, very last minute.

Is that why you chose to voice Daud in The Knife Of Dunwall DLC?

Ab­so­lutely. By that point, we had de­cided that was some­thing we should have done. Let­ting peo­ple play Daud and see the flip side of Corvo’s story was re­ally cool be­cause it al­lowed us to not tell some new story but stay fo­cused on Em­press Jes­samine, her mur­der andd Princess Emily’s ab­duc­tion, and see the other side of the coin. Which we al­most called it at t one point: The Other Side Of The Coin.

Daud fea­tures only briefly in the main game. How did you flesh him out?

We just said, “What if we wrote some mono­logues for Daud that help the level de­sign­ers ex­plain to the player what sit­u­a­tion’s ’s go­ing on?” It’s a very use­ful tool. Austin wrote e the first round of mono­logues from Daud and they were a lit­tle bit too gumshoe, so we rewrote them. And so we even­tu­ally got his voice right and we re­ally think that the pop­u­lar­ity of the Daud char­ac­ter comes down n to the fact that you know what he’s think­ing.

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