Act 2 con­tin­ues the first chap­ter’s habit of in­ter­spers­ing its point­ing and click­ing with var­i­ous minigames, some rolled out for a sec­ond time and im­bued with a fresh twist, oth­ers en­tirely new. There are more Nav Scarf shenani­gans to in­dulge in, this time com­pli­cated by a won­der­ful new ab­strac­tion, and rewiring Hex­i­pals proves sat­is­fy­ingly in­volved, re­quir­ing care­ful ob­ser­va­tion of clues in the en­vi­ron­ment to get the con­nec­tions right. Whether you make the con­cep­tual con­nec­tions of what to do with their var­i­ous be­hav­iours is an­other mat­ter en­tirely. Vella also gets to toy with var­i­ous func­tions of the crash-dam­aged Bassi­nos­tra through its CCTV sys­tem. Act 1’ s minigames never felt in­tru­sive, but the ones sprin­kled through this larger act feel even less prom­i­nent.

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