Has any­one ever read a com­ment on a site and said: “I never thought of that”?

David Goldfarb @lo­cust9

CCO, The Out­siders

Raised a glass to ev­ery tal­ented team sti­fled by its owner’s fail­ure to en­able its suc­cess.

Jean-Paul Le­Bre­ton @vec­tor­poem


Weapon degra­da­tion is the most non­sense thing about Dark Souls II. The world’s worst black­smiths forg­ing swords out of graphite.

James Mielke @jamesmielke Direc­tor of com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Shinra Tech­nolo­gies

The whole idea with Ap­ple is you are sup­posed to be buy­ing luxury prod­ucts that Just Work, but this seems in­creas­ingly un­true.

Jonathan Blow @Jonathan_Blow Cre­ator, The Wit­ness

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