TIE Fighter The new Episode VII trailer might be hog­ging the lime­light, but Paul John­son’s Em­pire-fo­cused short is al­most as ex­hil­a­rat­ing. John­son spent the past four years’ worth of week­ends drawing and an­i­mat­ing his Star Wars­themed homage to clas­sic ’80s anime, and the re­sult is an un­usu­ally po­tent mix of nos­tal­gia hits, blended with some af­fec­tion. Anime wasn’t the only in­spi­ra­tion, how­ever – the film is based on the lo­ca­tions, HUD de­signs and even me­chan­ics of Lu­casArts’ 1994 space com­bat game TIE

Fighter. The in­com­ing mis­sile alert here should bring back a few trau­matic mem­o­ries.

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