Emer­gence is a well­doc­u­mented con­cept in com­puter science, with the most no­table ex­am­ple be­ing Con­way’s Game Of Life. This cel­lu­lar au­tom­a­ton uses four sim­ple rules to judge whether a sin­gle square in a grid is ‘alive’ or ‘dead’. When run over thou­sands of turns, this rule­set re­sults in evolv­ing pat­terns of strik­ing com­plex­ity and beauty. For de­vel­op­ers, Con­way’s game shows how the deft ap­pli­ca­tion of logic can lead to sur­pris­ing and ex­cit­ing con­se­quences. It’s a prin­ci­ple that the likes of No­Man’sSky will test across an en­tire uni­verse.

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