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27 GEELONGADV­ERTISER.COM.AU SATURDAY JULY 11 2020 WEEKEND EXTRA SUPERQUIZ 0-10 Phone a friend 11-20 Not too bad 21-30 Smarty pants 31-40 Walking encycloped­ia 41+ Genius! 1. 11. 21. 31. 41. Which Hitchcock film starred James Stewart as publisher Rupert Cadell? Which snake is considered the most venomous? What was the name of the founder of the Vanderbilt dynasty? Media mogul Ted Turner created which 1990s animated children’s program? Ben Mendelsohn (pictured) won an Emmy for his role in which series? Phalene, the French term for a papillon dog with drooping ears, translates as what? Television writer Dan Harmon co-created after being fired from which popular comedy? What is the Roman numeral for 500? The 1978 film involves clones of which historic figure? William Adams was the first Englishman to reach which country? Who is the lead singer of Australian rock band Eskimo Joe? In which European country is Lake Buendia located? In which present-day country did the ancient Sumerians live? What was the real first name of fashion designer Coco Chanel (pictured)? Is semiotics the study of reproducti­ve tissues, Christian theology or signs and symbols? Which planet in our solar system is the only one named after a female deity? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear red, blue, purple and what other colour masks? In the AFL, who is the captain of the Hawthorn football club? Diamonds are very dense crystals of which element? What is the chair on which a bishop sits called? In which country does the River Euphrates originate? Which character does Maggie Smith (pictured) play in the Harry Potter movie franchise? How many narrow triangles or points are on a backgammon board? Is a piccolo a percussion or a wind instrument? The operas and were written by which Italian composer? What does the IP stand for when referring to an IP address? What does the French delicacy “foie gras” translate as? Sanskrit is the ancient classical language of which country? Which flower has varieties including dog, china, chestnut, arctic, golden giant and apricot nectar? The islands Naxos, Kea and Andros belong to which group of islands? What was the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts formerly known as? In what year was Chinese automated spacecraft launched? Felicity Jones (pictured) stars in the first anthology film for which sci-fi franchise? Callisto is a moon of what planet? In what year was the Battle of Marston Moor? Au is the symbol for what chemical element? Who wrote the novel In which decade did Australia introduce decimal notes and coins? What nationalit­y is the virtuoso guitarist, singer and composer José Feliciano? What was the first Australian state to allow adoption by same-sex couples? How many times did Pete Sampras (pictured) win the Wimbledon singles title? Hogget is the meat from which animal? True or false: Galagos, also known as bushbabies, are native to Africa? Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket tournament­s were staged in which decade? Susanna Hoffs is a vocalist and guitarist for which band formed in 1981? How many US states begin with M? Who played Turner alongside Beasley the dog in the 1989 movie 12. 22. 2. 32. 42. Tianzhou 1 13. 3. 23. 43. 33. 14. 4. 24. 44. 34. 15. 5. 35. 25. La bohème, Tosca Madama Butterfly 45. 16. 36. 6. 46. 26. 37. 17. Gone with the Wind? 7. 38. The Murrawarri Republic, an Indigenous micronatio­n declared independen­t from Australia in 2013, is located on the border of which two states? In which country is Mount Kilimanjar­o? In what year did the $2 coin replace the $2 note in Australia? 47. 27. Rick and Morty 18. 28. 8. 48. 19. 29. 39. 9. The Boys from Brazil 40. 49. 20. 10. 50. 30. Turner & Hooch? 1107 30. 27. 29. Cyclades. Rose. liver. Fat Protocol. Puccini. Giacomo McGonagall. Turkey. 40. 38. 39. 50. 47. 44. 42. 49. 46. 20. 17. 15. 19. 16. 14. 11. 28. 26. 24. 10. 7. 9. 8. 5. 4. 1. 1988. Tanzania. Queensland. and NSW Mitchell. Margaret Gold. 1644. Jupiter. Wars. Star 2017. Island. Christophe­r Saint Hanks. Tom Bangles. The 1970s. Sheep. Seven. Western Rican. Puerto Eight. True. Australia. 1960s. Cathedra. Carbon. Stratton. Ben Orange. Venus. symbols. and Signs Gabrielle. Iraq. Spain. Temperley. Kavyen India. Internet Wind. Minerva Professor Japan. Hitler Adolf Moth. D. 37. 36. 33. 31. 48. 45. 18. 25. 6. Community. Bloodline. Planeteers. the and Planet Captain Rope. 35. 32. 34. 23. 22. 24. 43. 41. 13. 12. 21. 3. 2. Cornelius. Taipan. Inland Don’t let this deal be news to you. $1 a day for the first 12 weeks Min. cost $28 1800 031 626 | geelongadv­ *Digital Membership + 7 Day Delivery to be billed the following amounts 4 weekly: for the first 12 weeks, min. cost $28 and then min. cost $60. Renewals occur unless cancelled in accordance with the full Terms and Conditions. 7 Day Delivery is for the Geelong Advertiser on a Saturday and the Sunday Herald Sun on a Sunday. 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