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28 SATURDAY JULY 11 2020 GEELONGADV­ERTISER.COM.AU LEARN FROM MISTAKES TO REGAIN CONTROL SO the government is getting healthy Geelong people to walk around COVID-19 hot spots in Melbourne — surely they can’t be serious. At the end of the day, do they come home to Geelong? This idea is really making me angry. WHEN this pandemic began, we Australian­s listened to our political and health leaders and were rewarded with low transmissi­on and death rates. Our leaders then pledged, and gave us, more relaxed restrictio­ns but warned us to maintain distancing and hygiene regimes. Even before we were able to be freed up, I noticed on my walks that people were closer together, and there was less room in supermarke­ts. Indeed, a warehouse chain is now selling sanitiser 25 per cent cheaper because of reduced demand. With the current lockdown of Melbourne, many bleeding hearts are blaming the government for their woes when it is actually you who are the problem. You stopped distancing. You stopped sanitising. You let down your guard. So stop moaning and learn from your mistakes. Let’s work hard and realise it ain’t over till it’s over. Keep safe. No, no, no! THE coronaviru­s test is not invasive to the body, so anyone who refuses the test and gets infected should pay for their medical expenses. Realist I AGREE with Margaret of Lara (Text Talk, 4/7), it would be good to know about the new COVID cases so my family and I can stay away from the area and stay safe. Sandra, Lara I WONDER if any of the demonstrat­ors and villains in Melbourne are feeling guilty about the second wave shutdown. Not happy WITH COVID lockdowns being reintroduc­ed in greater Melbourne, let’s hope we continue to adhere to safe distancing and restrictio­ns in place here in Geelong. We can’t afford to become complacent. And as a manager of a retail store in our CBD, we ask all shoppers to adhere to our request of using sanitiser before entering our stores — no matter if you have used it in previous stores you have visited. It’s about keeping all of us safe — and protecting our region’s economy. Let’s work together. need to pray and fast with unity and passion and seek and save the lost. God will do the rest. So will you stand with me in this? around. It’s a bit like it’s a special place, out of the way, for people to do socially unacceptab­le things like letting their dog run off-lead. While it’s understand­able to have restrictio­ns because the world has grown smaller, it’s also unfair to lose that freedom completely without consultati­on due to pressure from other stakeholde­rs that share the river environs. Bike riders can be so persuasive. They have real political clout it would seem. Not so dog walkers. I suppose I just can’t see what harm I do letting my friend off the lead on the King Lloyd oval in the evening. There aren’t walkers or bike riders here. What made someone want to rewrite the rules about that? This river precinct is about sharing, I always thought. Was about sharing. Maybe not so much now, though. Allocated time zones could easily work. Why not? I just don’t think that this whole thing has been thought through properly. such a model does not exist elsewhere and could be replicated in other regions. This project has bought together and inspired many parts of the community — individual donors, CoGG, the state government, philanthro­py, volunteers, Deakin, FormFlow — to create a sustainabl­e model for men experienci­ng homelessne­ss, to assist their transition from crisis to a more stable future, showing once again that the Geelong community cares. Gary Robertson, Wandana Heights Concerned FREE OUR DOGS FROM THEIR LOCKDOWN Angus Giles, Little Miracles Home Group — Corio Bethel Christian Fellowship TO Gary and Jordan Ablett — from the bottom of my heart, you have my thoughts and love. What a beautiful little man Levi is and he is so blessed. THERE are things that can mean a whole lot to me in times like this. Such as noticing a recent change to signage restrictin­g where you’re allowed to let your dog off the lead, where previously she always could run free. Such a simple thing, but it means so much during these times of no work and no travel. Or you can look at it another way. That my dog is in lockdown now, a bit like me, I suppose, but for her it’s permanent. When we leave the house, she has to stay on the lead. She can’t legally chase or catch a ball. I can get fined for letting her do that now. I could cop a fine here for watching my dog, my companion, my house mate and my friend, run with her nose in the wind, catching the smells free of a lead. It’s primal to her wellbeing, her mental health and, you know what? It’s primal to mine, too. Every day when the sun lowers in the sky, she comes and she sits near my desk and just looks. Stares at me. She’s saying, “Let’s go to the river. Come on!” Four, five or anything up to 12km later, we struggle back through the front door. Thank God, though, because at my age, and if I am to re-enter the workforce, I need to maintain a strict regimen of fitness. She gets me out. I wouldn’t do it without her and I get it that we are sharing areas with other walkers and bike riders along the way and that sometimes she must be on a lead. Dogs must be under effective control at all times. I am also aware that there is a dog off-lead area up off West Fyans Street but that’s a small area to have to continuall­y walk to or POLICE MUST PREVENT ANOTHER GUN BLUNDER Lesley, an avid Cats fan GEELONG really is the Greatest Team of All! (I’ve been a fan for 69 years.) IT is extremely hypocritic­al that the Licensing and Regulation Division of Victoria Police would seize all the firearms from The Outdoor Sportsman store in Geelong for allegedly having more than they were supposed to, then proceed to not even count or record details of how many they had taken away (GA, 6/7). Good on Mr Haugh for standing up for himself and eventually winning a costly and lengthy fight in the courts to have his licence reinstated. Of course, it is imperative that gun shop owners always maintain perfect stock records so all firearms are traceable and known. I have written to the Minister for Police, Lisa Neville, to ask what action she has taken to ensure proper protocols in this important government agency are now in place so such a fiasco does not occur again. Firearm dealership­s are perfectly legal and legitimate businesses that serve a responsibl­e section of the community. Unfortunat­ely, many of these businesses were severely punished by the Labor government during the first Victorian wave of COVID-19, when Ms Neville arbitraril­y banned the sale of firearms and ammunition. Hopefully, Ms Neville, does not repeat such a reckless and unnecessar­y decision during this second COVID-19 wave, brought about by the failures of her own government. Kanga King Keith Fagg OAM Samaritan House board chair GEELONG’S Cam Mooney (GA, 8/7): the voice of reason, sanity and fairness. Thank you for this article focusing on players going/not going interstate. This must be the most challengin­g time in the history of the game, for players and their families, supporters and the AFL. I appreciate that one of our most loved and respected players provides such perceptive comment on our game and the current challenges. You truly are a champ — both of our game of footy, and individual rights. FOCUS ON CARRYING OUT YOUR DUTIES, SARAH SARAH Henderson, Corangamit­e is an electorate not a fiefdom with a self-appointed patron (GA, 8/7). The citizens voted for their representa­tive, Libby Coker, at the last federal election. In our democratic system, senators are state representa­tives — your fulfilment of this role is expected and would be appreciate­d. M. Hamilton, Geelong GREAT to read of the success of the Torquay police blitz. Imagine if the extra $5 million to be spent on Thompson Road was instead put into a police blitz on local roads, getting unregister­ed, unlicensed drivers and those who ignore road rules off our roads. Our ranking of the highest road toll in Australia may be lost. Vic Bongiorno John Bugge, Portarling­ton HOUSING PROJECT ABOUT DIGNITY AND RESPECT TIME TO PUT FAITH IN CHRISTIAN REVIVAL IT is unfortunat­e that C.K. (GA, 10/7) does not understand the aims, context and imperative­s of the Samaritan House Independen­t Living Unit project, which is all about treating homeless men with dignity and respect. The units have been designed through an extensive collaborat­ive process involving Deakin University architectu­re students adapting the innovative processes of FormFlow to create a quality, robust and functional accommodat­ion unit. The overall project — estimated at $1.2 million including on-site costs — represents sound longterm value for the community, creating a model for transition from supported crisis accommodat­ion to medium-term independen­t living, paying an affordable rent. To the best of our knowledge, Brian, Highton I SUGGEST to you that now is the time for Christian revival in Geelong. Revival began in Geelong in 1891 and swept up the east coast, eventually birthing the Welsh Revival and the Azusa St revivals of 1904. Now again we can lead the country and the world birthing the next revival. Well-attested through history, Christian revival changes people’s hearts so that crime, alcoholism and drug use drop profoundly. People return stolen goods, magistrate­s have little to do and police are idle because of the powerful work of the Holy Spirit. Now is the time for us to rise up and reopen the wells of revival in our city. To bring revival, we just “PATRON Senator for Corangamit­e”? Please … the only place that phrase appears to exist is on Sarah Henderson’s own website. Not my patron I WONDER if any Animal Justice Party members read yesterday’s Addy about birdwatchi­ng with Trevor Pescott. So much for the so-called harmless ducks, ie. mallards. Terminate IT’S time we had a bicycle trail built between Portarling­ton, Drysdale, Ocean Grove and Point Lonsdale. Geelong to Torquay. This would become a huge tourist attraction. It would also be great to lessen the amount of cars on the roads. People are looking for more riding tracks around the areas. Cycle City! SICK of advertiser­s hijacking the front and back pages of our daily papers. Advertise all you like, but leave the front and rear pages for what they are intended for — headline articles. Beverley McArthur MP Member for Western Victoria WRITE TO: Give me news The is bound by the standards of practise of the Australian Press Council. If you believe the standards may have been breached, you may approach the or contact the council by email at info@presscounc­, phone (02) 9261 1930. 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