The Australian Mining Review : 2020-04-01



Accelerate your tailings dewatering with solid bowl centrifuge technology Optimising your tailings dewatering processes is a straightfo­rward way to cut operating and investment costs. Alfa Laval’s P3 solid bowl decanter centrifuge has been specifical­ly developed for large scale, heavy duty solid-liquid separation tasks in the mining and mineral industry. Find out why a growing number of mining companies choose dry centrifuge­d tailings as an alternativ­e to paste systems or storing a liquid slurry in a tailings dam. The Alfa Laval P3 helps boost capacity, reduce tailings volumes, and increase the recovery of water, chemicals and minerals from tailings, including ultra fine solids and slimes. It offers a significan­tly smaller footprint, lower CAPEX and OPEX than other dewatering technologi­es. Contact Alfa Laval for more informatio­n on how the P3 decanter centrifuge can help boost your profitabil­ity.

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