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Reader's Forum

READERS’ FORUM SOUTHERN ALBERTA’S HOME TO THOUGHTFUL, PROVOCATIV­E IDEAS AND OPINIONS Write a letter LETHBRIDGE HERALD – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 – PAGE A6 START A DISCUSSION ON AN ISSUE and email letters@lethbridge­herald.com LETTERS PREVIOUS QUESTION & RESULTS: ✔ It’s easy to cast your vote We asked readers if they support giving advocates more time to come up with new options for a performing arts centre in Lethbridge. 71% 29% SAID NO SAID YES Simply go to our website at www.lethbridge­herald.com, and click on reader polls. TOTAL VOTES — 424 COPYRIGHT CONDITIONS LETTERS POLICY/HOW TO WRITE US The Lethbridge Herald welcomes your letters. Letters must be signed, include your full name, address and telephone number for verificati­on. Please try to keep letters to fewer than 350 words. We reserve the right to edit, condense or reject letters. Please address letters c/o Letter to the Editor, P.O. Box 670, Lethbridge, Alta., T1J 3Z7 or drop them off at 504 7th Street South. If you haven’t been contacted by The Herald within two business days of submitting your letter, please call 403-388-1158 to confirm receipt. Phone: 403-328-4418 Fax: 403-329-9355 E-mail: letters@lethbridge­herald.com The contents of this newspaper are protected by copyright and may be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes. All other rights are reserved and commercial use is prohibited. To make any use of this material you must first obtain the permission of the publisher and owner of the copyright. For further informatio­n contact the editor at 403-380-7595. ADVERTISIN­G TERMS & CONDITIONS: The following terms and conditions apply to all advertisin­g and other material printed by or distribute­d by the Lethbridge Herald. All copy and type arrangemen­ts are subject to the approval of the publisher on behalf of The Herald, who has the right to refuse any advertisem­ent or insertion. The advertiser agrees that the liability of The Herald or its employees for damages or costs arising out of error in printing or insertion of advertisem­ents or any other material is limited to the actual amount paid for the space used by that portion of the advertisem­ent containing the error or the actual cost paid to have the advertisem­ent or any other material inserted in The Herald. Notice of error is required before the second insertion. The Herald will not be liable for any other claims of damages from not printing or non-insertion of any advertisem­ent of other material. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

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