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FIJI SUN | SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2020 | FIJISUN.COM.FJ big story 11 | FIJISUN.COM.FJ 9 LOVE A WEDDING TO REMEMBER ERONI LATIANARA MARRIED THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, LUISA, A STAGE 4 BREAST CANCER PATIENT, IN AN EMOTIONAL “SHORT AND SWEET” CEREMONY BESIDE HER BED LAST FRIDAY. “I have been with her ever since and have never left her side. Many of our family members thought that I was going to leave her.” That never happened. “In fact, my love for her became stronger.” Report Laisa Lui t’s easier said than shown. Three simple words that hit one’s heart – I love you. Bring on and pile anything that could possibly tear a relationsh­ip apart in front of Eroni Latianara, and it would still do no harm to the love he has for Luisa Dalituicam­a Latianara. Mr Latianara, 30, is from Wairiki, Navakuru in Cakaudrove. He married the love of his life, a stage 4 breast cancer patient, in an emotional “short and sweet” ceremony beside her bed last Friday. Nothing was going to stop Mr Latianara from tying the knot with his 27-year-old wife from the get-go. The couple first met when Luisa was on study leave at Nasekula Village in Macuata in 2014. She was studying to be a pediatrici­an at the then Fiji National University’s College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences in Suva. Mrs Latianara became sickly over the years and it wasn’t until February this year when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She has three more years left to complete her studies. Mr Latianara said his wife’s “beautiful smile” captured his heart from the first time he saw her. They have been living together for five years and have a five-year-old son. Mrs Latianara has been battling cancer for the past eight months and it has now affected her spinal cord. She is paralyzed from her waist down. Like the hardworkin­g farmer he is, Mr Latianara knows that the best time to harvest comes with a lot of patience and love for what you sow. “I decided to propose and marry Luisa before anything else happens,” Mr Latianara said. “I have been holding it back because of some personal problems. We exchanged calls when she was studying and met every time she came until she became sickly and did not return to school to complete her studies. “I’ve been with her ever since and never left her side. Many of our family members thought that I was going to leave her.” That never happened. “In fact, my love for her stronger,” Mr Latianara said. “I love everything about her. She’s open-minded, smart, and can do anything The newly-wedded couple with family members at their home in Nasekula on May 22, 2020. and everything I ask her to do. “She cooks and bakes, that’s what love most about her. “She has a good heart and welcomes my family with open arms and shares her knowledge to children who sought her assistance.” Mr Latianara said they wanted to get married at the hospital and they had arranged everything. “Even the representa­tive from the Registry’s office had turned up to do our engagement at the hospital on Thursday. “We got approval for home leave and were taken by surprise with the preparatio­n done by the family.” Mr Latianara said it was an emotional moment for them and everyone was in tears. “We have only seen this in movies but didn’t expect to see my wife to be lying on her bed while I was standing as we exchanged our vows. “I have always told my wife that I will never leave her, I will be with her to help her get back on her feet.” I Bride Mrs Latianara was the Miss Fiji Sugar Corporatio­n contestant during the Festival of the Friendly North in 2012. She is from Saolo, Wainunu in Bua. Even on her bed, she still wore that welcoming smile when she was approached for an interview. “I was in tears when he told me that he would marry me despite my condition,” Mrs Latianara said. “When we said our vows, it was an emotional moment for both of us. “He is already fulfilling his vows, his act of true love towards me. “His love for me is still the same from the first time we met. It seems like his love for me is getting stronger day by day.” True love exists as the humble Eroni Latianara weds his sweetheart Luisa Dalituicam­a Latianara at their home in Nasekula on May 22, 2020. Mrs Latianara described her husband as a kind-hearted person who was always ready to help anyone. “During this hard time we are going through, he has never left my side. “I have accepted the diagnosis and I believe that my God will help me stand. “As long as I still have breath, I believe that God is there to help me stand to testify his goodness in my life and my family. “The power of prayer has kept me going so far. My husband has been with me day and night and looks after me.” Mrs Latianara is thankful to her maternal relations for helping put together their surprise wedding. “I am really thankful for them. They stood by us during this hard time.” became Edited by Ivamere Nataro A copy of their ‘A wedding to remember’ report that was published on 26 May, 2020. FIJI SUN | TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2020 big story I

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