“In­no­va­tion and tra­di­tion are not para­dox­i­cal to each other, but it’s ex­actly the op­po­site: In­no­va­tion is a tra­di­tion for Bre­itling”

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in terms of ma­te­rial, sur­face treat­ment, en­ergy loss, and that’s why we grouped our best chemists (for ma­te­rial de­vel­op­ment), math­e­ma­ti­cians, de­sign­ers and watch­mak­ers into the Chronoworks team that’s ded­i­cated to in­no­va­tion. DA: Is the Chronoworks team also re­spon­si­ble for the Bre­it­light ma­te­rial? JPG: They’re spe­cial­ists in the “su­per-en­gines” of the move­ments, so to speak. We have yet an­other team that has de­vel­oped the Bre­it­light ma­te­rial for the Avenger Hur­ri­cane piece and is work­ing on dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als for watch­cases and straps, too. DA: What about the Bre­itling for Bent­ley pieces? JPG: For the first time, we’re in­tro­duc­ing car­bon fiber for the case of a Bre­itling for Bent­ley time­piece, which is the Bent­ley GMT B04 S Car­bon Body. It’s not forged car­bon, mind you. That’s why it’s got an in­ter­est­ing tex­ture. Again, we’re try­ing to com­bine both func­tion­al­ity and pleas­ing aes­thet­ics. DA: There is a ris­ing trend of launch­ing smaller cases. What about Bre­itling? JPG: For us, we have a limit in terms of dial leg­i­bil­ity. We no­tice that chrono­graphs smaller than 38mm are no longer leg­i­ble. So, 38mm is the small­est chrono­graph watch­case we have. DA: Are the new ma­te­ri­als de­vel­oped for the watch­case and move­ment parts sort of an an­swer to the rise of smart­watches? What about Bre­itling’s own Ex­ospace B55? Are there any new fol­low-ups for it?

I wouldn’t say it’s an an­swer; I would say it’s more in the spirit of con­tin­u­ing to in­no­vate in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions. For Bre­itling, in­no­va­tion and tra­di­tion are not para­dox­i­cal to each other, but it’s ex­actly the op­po­site: In­no­va­tion is a tra­di­tion for Bre­itling.

We pre­sented the Ex­ospace B55 Con­nected Chrono­graph at last year’s Basel­world to gather com­ments dur­ing the fair. By the end of that week, we fi­nal­ized the tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the prod­uct and we did ex­actly what we said, which was launch­ing the prod­uct at the end of the year. It was un­veiled last De­cem­ber in New York. We started sell­ing the watch this year, and that’s Bre­itling’s first con­nected watch. It uses con­nec­tiv­ity in Bre­itling’s way to im­prove its func­tion­al­ity. In essence, we are re­ally us­ing the user-friend­li­ness of a smart­phone to im­prove the func­tion­al­ity of a watch. Of course, we’re now think­ing of new de­vel­op­ment in terms of ad­ding sen­sors or GPS re­ceivers, so we will con­tinue to in­no­vate in that di­rec­tion.

I my­self am wear­ing the Bre­itling Ex­ospace B55 Con­nected, and I think it’s such a con­ve­nient watch to wear. So, I just wear one watch now, when I go out, jog­ging, on busi­ness or va­ca­tion, or if I don’t want to be dis­turbed like now—I have my smart­phone on si­lent mode, but I’d know if some­body’s call­ing me, be­cause I’ll have the mes­sage pop up on the watch. Again, it’s the same Bre­itling way to in­no­vate in the di­rec­tion of cre­at­ing in­stru­ments for pro­fes­sion­als. DA: In that sense, how does the fu­ture look like for Bre­itling? JPG: If you con­tinue to build a brand through in­no­va­tion while also re­main­ing faith­ful to what made the brand suc­cess­ful in the past, you sim­ply can­not go wrong.

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