“The Real di­vaS who can Sing The moST beau­Ti­ful SongS of Time, how­eveR, aRe The caR­il­lonS: RepeaTeRS wiTh ThRee oR moRe gongS and/oR ham­meRS”

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Quare’s de­sign as it only re­quired the push of a sin­gle but­ton to re­peat the hour and quar­ter hours.

In hind­sight, royal in­ter­ven­tion in this case doesn’t seem like such an over­re­ac­tion when we con­sider how pop­u­lar pocket watches with repeaters be­came among the no­bil­ity. In­ter­est­ingly, dumb repeaters were par­tic­u­larly fa­vored by mem­bers of the aris­toc­racy. Th­ese al­lowed them to dis­cretely check the time in church (where openly look­ing at a watch would be a ma­jor faux pas) or in royal court in front of the coun­try’s monarch (where openly look­ing at a watch would be a dan­ger­ous faux pas).

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