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Treasured | www.jamaica-gleaner.com | C12 THE GLEANER, THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2020 memories of Mr Clarke will remain with me always D URING MY 23 years as supplement coordinato­r with The Gleaner Company and two years after my retirement, I often interacted with Mr Clarke. I found him easy to talk with. His caring, thoughtful ways and unique sense of humour was his hallmark. He gave exemplary dedicated service to and to all other areas of his vast on occasions, visit the cashiers section in the Advertisin­g Department to see if all was as it should be. If the lines at the cashiers were too long, he would suggest that handwritte­n receipts be done as a backup to speed up the process of payment, thus shortening the lines in the interest of the customers. May his soul rest in peace and perpetual light shine on him. B The Gleaner involvemen­t. Despite his very busy schedule, he would, SHIRLEY RODNEY Former Supplement­s Coordinato­r Punctual Clarke was He brought out the est in us WHAT I remember about Mr Clarke is how much he pushed you to something better, even when you thought you had done great work. One question from him would open up whole new perspectiv­es. I’m a stickler for making sure that everything is right, down to the last comma, because, from my early days at some of my work would end up on Mr Clarke’s desk. He had an uncanny sense of picking up the things that didn’t fit immediatel­y. Everything had to be in place and whatever you presented to him must be solid. Whatever you thought you had done, just one conversati­on with him, or email from him, and you would be on your way to something so much better. I remember the questions about Honour Awards each year. He set the tone for the efficiency of the function (citing that we must respect our guests’ time); for the creativity involved in each execution (what are we going to do differentl­y this year?); and for the growth in the programme (introducin­g Man of the Year and Category Awards), and the on-stage interview of award recipients (we were the first local to mess with the carefully laid-out plans a little bit). He never stood on ceremony, he was relaxed, which made the people around him relax. I remember my shock at discoverin­g my chairman sitting on the kerb wall inside the Pegasus during one of the first events I planned at A newbie to the business at my first corporate event, I was thinking, “Surely, this is not the posture of a chairman.” I didn’t know then that irrespecti­ve of any titles that he may have, he was always just Oliver Clarke and was always true to his authentic self. Some of the things he did may never be published – his mentorship of students each year, his work with the church, and the many persons who will tell you that Mr Clarke reached out to them to help them in some way just because he saw the need. I learned a lot from working with him. May his soul rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon him. to a T SHARP, QUICK-WITTED, well-mannered and affable were the adjectives readily selected by Ian Roxburgh, former print and plant manager at to describe the late business and media mogul, Oliver Clarke. Roxburgh, who started his tenure at in 1972, four years prior to Clarke, also pointed out that the beloved and respected former chairman was punctual to a T and expected his team to follow suit. “If he says a meeting is at 10 and you come five past 10, you will find the meeting cancelled or you are no longer invited. He was intolerant of excuses. He was decisive but not dictatoria­l,” he said. Roxburgh further highlighte­d that Clarke was a man of integrity. “He was fair in his judgements and honourable in his dealings. You could speak to him in confidence without whatever was discussed being misused. “He was a true Jamaican gentleman who never passed anyone without offering a greeting. He was a decent person,” reflected Roxburgh. The Gleaner, The Gleaner. The Gleaner The Gleaner LOVED HAVING A GOOD TIME Mr Clarke had the sharpest wit. I always looked forward to the events, AGMs, and other sessions in which he would play a role. It was guaranteed that he would have you rolling on the ground laughing in short order. He was a great emcee and host (especially if you don’t mind an emcee who deliberate­ly goes off script just to ensure that his audience had a good time). His philosophy on events was that the planning had to be perfect, but then his guests must have a good time on the day (even if you had TERRY-ANNE WILSON Corporate Affairs and Sponsorshi­p Manager The Gleaner Company (Media) Ltd IAN ROXBURGH Former Print and Plant Manager, The Gleaner

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