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9 THE STAR FEATURE @JamaicaSta­r­r • • Monday, June 22, 2020 Schoolmate seduced me to try anal sex Dear Pastor, I have a dirty secret. It took place while I was in fifth form in high school. I was a ‘good girl’. While in school, I always wished I was more fun and carefree. Anyway, throughout school, I was a part of the cadet corps. There was this boy, a fellow cadet, who was a bit older than I. He was a ‘bad boy’, as in, he came to school late, carried a knife, and smoked weed occasional­ly. Definitely not the kind of boyfriend I would usually keep. Before going on summer break that year, I left the cadets. After the break ended and I returned to school that first morning, I was very early for school. Apparently, the cadets had a camp, because there he was, shirtless. He had a tattoo on his shoulder, and one on his left pectoral. His chest and arms were big and muscular, and his torso was well-toned. The thought that came to my mind was ‘Greek god’. My mouth went dry and for the first time, I felt real lust. Burning red-hot and fiery, I wanted him, more than I had ever wanted anyone before; I just had to have him. After that, girls flocked him and he started to be known, even by the teachers, as Casanova. So, I got myself reinstated with the cadets. After two months, we had a camp. He was now the leader of the corps. He got to sleep in our small HQ. I also got to sleep there, as I was the only girl in the unit at that time. We shared a cot. The chemistry was definitely there between us, and it was red hot. I thought that one touch and of control, so you allowed this man to have his way. Please understand that I am not here to condemn you, and you have suffered emotionall­y and psychologi­cally after this event. You regret having anal sex. TERRIBLE MISTAKE You will never forget what happened but you have the right attitude in that you know you made a terrible mistake. Also you know now that a man should not be judged by his physique only. The question is, why did this man have to have anal sex? I suppose one can answer this question by saying that he probably did that before. But he has caused you to dislike him and such a man, you can never trust again. You do not wish for him to be your friend. You have mentioned other things about him which, if published, would reveal his identity. You made a mistake by wanting to be close to this man. That is why a girl needs to be careful about men. Every girl needs to get to know a man very well before she consents to having sex with him. What this episode has revealed is that no woman should take a man for granted when it comes to his sexual preference. But it has happened and you have to move on. But the memory can never be erased. I will be praying for you. Pastor. sparks would fly. I don’t think I have ever felt so in the mood for sex in my life. He wanted to have sexual intercours­e with me. Yes, we had condoms. But, he wanted anal sex. I had never done that before, and never intended to do so. It is something I see as wrong. But I was so high, like I was on drugs, I succumbed and allowed him access. I was very disappoint­ed in myself. But with time, I have forgiven myself, enough so that I am not ashamed to share my dirty secret with you. I never spoke to him again after the camp and I no longer saw him as Casanova, but as a boy with weird inclinatio­ns. I would love to hear your comments on my story. J. Dear J., It is very unfortunat­e that when you consented to have sex with this man, you did not insist that it be done the normal way, meaning penis to vagina. You realised that you were not planning to have that type of sex but as you have admitted, you felt high and you were out

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