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Microgreens such as wheatgrass are baby plants – the small­est pos­si­ble ver­sion of the leafy greens you would oth­er­wise buy or grow. They are har­vested when just 3cm-5cm tall, but once har­vested they won’t re­sprout. These small plants are said to con­tain any­where be­tween four and 40 times the nu­tri­ent value of their ma­ture coun­ter­part. That’s be­cause the plants are har­vested be­fore all the food in the seed is used to feed the growth of a ma­ture plant. Some of the most pop­u­lar microgreens are basil, broc­coli, cab­bage, kale, kohlrabi, pea, mus­tard and radish.

Any type of shal­low, plas­tic con­tainer is suit­able for grow­ing microgreens, so long as it has drainage holes. Sim­ply add 5cm of seed-rais­ing mix and mist with water. Sow seeds and lightly press into the soil. Mist with water again. Sprin­kle a fine layer of soil on top, then place the con­tainer in a warm spot out of di­rect sun­light. Once the seeds ger­mi­nate, place the con­tainer near a sunny win­dow. Give the seedlings an­other 7-10 days to grow, then be­gin har­vest­ing.

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