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Goji berries ( Ly­cium bar­barum) con­tain 18 amino acids as well as high lev­els of vi­ta­mins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. They also con­tain high amounts of iron as well as 21 other key trace min­er­als.

Hail­ing from the Hi­malayas, goji berries are cold tol­er­ant and will grow through­out the coun­try. They are re­lated to toma­toes and have sim­i­lar nu­tri­tional needs, and are sub­ject to the same pests.

Use a tomato fer­tiliser with higher ra­tios of phos­pho­rus and po­tas­sium than ni­tro­gen, as ex­cess ni­tro­gen will en­cour­age leaf growth at the ex­pense of flow­ers and thus fruit. Add lime too, as goji plants like an al­ka­line ph. Treat with Yates Tomato Dust or Ki­wicare’s Or­ganic Cater­pil­lar Bio Con­trol with Btk (Bacil­lus thuringien­sis kurstaki) to pre­vent tomato worm where nec­es­sary. Stake the plants un­til the trunk thick­ens and strength­ens, and prune each win­ter to pro­mote branch­ing.

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