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Eu­ca­lyp­tus has been used for gen­er­a­tions to wash woollen clothes and blan­kets. It re­pels moths, and cleans gen­tly, which helps tremen­dously to keep the wool soft.

In­gre­di­ents • 2 cups hot water • 2 cups castile soap flakes • ½ cup methy­lated spir­its • 2½ tea­spoons eu­ca­lyp­tus oil

Com­bine hot water and soap flakes, and mix un­til the soap has dis­solved. Add the methy­lated spir­its and eu­ca­lyp­tus oil, and mix well. Pour into a glass con­tainer. Seal tightly. To use, dis­solve 1-2 ta­ble­spoons in a bucket of warm water.

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