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Enfleurage is a method that uses odour­less fats to ex­tract the fra­grance from petals. It was tra­di­tion­ally used to ex­tract the fra­grance from del­i­cate petals, such as jas­mine, tuberose and rose. How­ever, it’s a labour-in­ten­sive method. Fresh petals are laid down on a tray of fat such as shea but­ter (though tra­di­tion­ally a mix of beef fat and lard) with an­other layer of fat on top. The flow­ers are al­lowed to sit for a day then re­placed with fresh ones. This process is re­peated each day (for at least 20 days) un­til the fat is sat­u­rated with the flow­ers’ essence. The scented fat is then soaked in food-grade ethanol for a few weeks and shaken daily un­til the al­co­hol is sat­u­rated with the scent. The fat is re­moved and the al­co­hol is fil­tered, leav­ing be­hind the scented ex­tract.

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