Ex­act ra­tios of herbs to al­co­hol for tinc­tures

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To de­ter­mine the po­tency of your tinc­ture (to know how much you are tak­ing), weigh your herbs and add a spe­cific amount of al­co­hol. Stan­dard ra­tios are 1:2 (one part herb to two parts sol­vent) for fresh herbs and 1:5 for dried herbs.

So a 1:5 tinc­ture means that for ev­ery 1kg of dried herbs, 5 litres of sol­vent (al­co­hol) were used. So 5ml of tinc­ture will pro­vide you with 1 gram of herb. If you were mak­ing a 1:5 tinc­ture and your herbs weighed in at 100g, you would need 500ml of sol­vent.

How­ever, fresh herbs con­tain about 75 per cent of their weight in water. So 1kg of fresh herbs con­tains about 750ml of water. Now you need to ad­just the water con­tent of your sol­vent. In vodka, the water con­tent is al­ready present.

So to take your fresh herbs’ water con­tent into ac­count (100g of fresh herbs = 75ml water), you would sub­tract 75ml from the added water. So you would use 250ml grain al­co­hol and 175ml water.

Con­fused? Don’t worry. If you don't get it quite right, and your tinc­ture ends up with less than the ideal ra­tio, all that means is your tinc­ture will be less strong.

Prac­tice makes per­fect – or as good as you can get it to be.

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