New Zealand Truck & Driver : 2020-05-18

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LEADERS IN TRAILER MANUFACTUR­ING Fruehauf is a name that has been associated with quality, craftsmans­hip and dedication to excellence since its establishm­ent in the United States in the late 1800s. As a market leader in NZ Transport Manufactur­ing, Fruehauf NZ offers excellence in ongoing after Sales Customer Support within New Zealand Fruehauf NZ Ltd is extremely proud to support the New Zealand Transport Industry with Manufactur­ing, Servicing and Repairs of Truck and Trailer products for all NZ Transport businesses and will work to do so well into the Future. During the past 10-year management of Fruehauf NZ Ltd by Phil Watchorn and Jeff Mear, Fruehauf NZ has become a New Zealand leader in the manufactur­e of road transport equipment for both truck trailers and truck bodies. With an innovative approach to the industry and by working closely with its Customers and the NZTA, Fruehauf NZ has continued to support the Transport Industry. Fruehauf NZ has introduced some highly successful products giving higher payload options and enabling transport companies’ greater revenue with ongoing sustainabi­lity in the marketplac­e. Keep on Trucking New Zealand, we are behind you all the way! AUCKLAND BRANCH AND HEAD OFFICE 21 Hobill Ave, Manukau, Auckland, Phone +64 9 267 3679 FEILDING MANUFACTUR­ING PLANT 10 Mahinui Street, Feilding, New Zealand, Telephone +64 6 323 4299 TD30663

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