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YOU HANDLE THE LOAD. Be Safe - Be Seen! LET PETERSON TAKE CARE OF YOUR LED LIGHTING Thank you to all the trucking industry for keeping this country running, we are here to support you when you need us. We hope you get the recognitio­n you deserve when this is all over. Wayne Butler Managing Director, CDL Autoparts Ltd. PETERSON LUMENX LIGHTING FEATURES | | Designed by Peterson USA Manufactur­ed by Peterson USA Internatio­nal sell brand Peterson USA Limited lifetime warranty, rated life 100,000 hours. Mounting orientatio­n, superior optics allow 360 degree compliance. Heavy duty plug n play harness, insert moulded plug terminals, wire gauge 18 awg. Integral mounting flange with skirt welded lens eliminates leakage points. Trusted lighting manufactur­er since 1945, LED lights introduced in 1995. Proven in heavy duty applicatio­ns, major usage by OE manufactur­ers and fleet operators. Accredited supplier to Caterpilla­r and Harley Davidson. CDL AUTOPARTS LTD www.cdlautopar­ 09 262 1417 sales@cdlautopar­ by ☎ Brighter, Safer, Better Looking & Made in America

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