New Zealand Truck & Driver : 2020-05-18

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KNOW DOYOU DRIVER ATRUCK HERO? WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS: PRIZES UPFOR GRABS! Significan­tly contribute­d to the safety of others. Acted in a consistent­ly safe way to prevent harm to others. Generally helped other motorists on our roads. Contribute­d to the industry in ways such as encouragin­g others to become drivers. Been a long-term reliable driver. Has gone over and above their call of duty for the business/industry. l l l l l l NOMINATION FORMS ARE AVAILABLE ON-LINE Having a winning driver on your team pays huge dividends. There’s free publicity, its a morale boost, a proud flag to fly and just entering somebody’s name shows you care. The winning driver and his or her carrier are often used in subsequent stories. nztruckand­­rhero Visit: NOMINATE YOUR DRIVERS TODAY! Proudly brought to you by: In associatio­n with: CELEBRATIN­G EVERYDAY TRUCK HEROES

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