New Zealand Truck & Driver : 2020-05-18

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11 ISSUES 11 ISSUES $ $ May 2020 ONLY | $7.20 ONLY INCL. GST INCL. GST Saving $13.50 Saving $9.80 13% 14% (INCLUDES EQUIPMENT GUIDE) (INCLUDES EQUIPMENT GUIDE) new industry Establishi­ng a DougDucker looksbacko­n45 yearsatPan­Pac Decision-making inwastethi­nning 4 ISSUES SUBSCRIBE TO ALL 3 MAGAZINES $160 for Saving $45 – 22% $ ONLY INCL. GST Saving $2.00 6% GET YOUR COPIES EVERY MONTH! SUBSCRIBE NOW! NEW ZEALAND’S LEADING INDUSTRY PUBLICATIO­NS 4SUBSCRIBE EASY WAYS TO Post Ph PO Box 112062 Penrose, Auckland 1642 09 571 3544 Email www. alliedpubl­ Tick boxes FOR ME A GIFT NZ TRUCK & DRIVER $80 1 year (11 issues) for incl. GST Renewal of current subscripti­on: No. NZ LOGGER $70 1 year (11 issues) for incl. GST RECIPIENT DETAILS FOR GIFT SUBSCRIPTI­ON NAME: NZ TRUCKBODY & TRAILER $30 1 year (4 issues) for incl. GST ADDRESS: 3 TITLES $160 Please tick appropriat­e magazine title box incl. GST PHONE (day): MY DETAILS EMAIL: NAME: ADDRESS: SEND A GIFTCARD TO (tick one): TO ME TO RECIPIENT PHONE (day): EMAIL: Terms and conditions: Subscripti­on rates and a free copy of Equipment Guide are for NZ orders only and only for NZ Truck and Driver and NZ Logger subscripti­ons. Rates include GST and postage. For overseas prices please enquire. PAYMENT VISA MASTERCARD AMEX CHEQUE CARD HOLDER NAME: EXPIRY DATE: SECURITY CODE: SIGNATURE:

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