New Zealand Truck & Driver : 2020-05-18

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CLASSIFIED TRUCK & DRIVER EASTERN BAY STOCK Every rural community in New Zealand used to have their local and sometimes more than one local rural carrier. These fleets provided a full range of rural services from picking up hay delivering sand and metal and carrying live stock. Through the many rural downturns one by one many of these companies disappeare­d and slowly the rural carrier became a thing of the past. LIMITED EDITION Those that survived did so by diversifyi­ng and expanding into national operations. Today many of these fleets are gone for ever but once again Gavin Abbot has brought them back to life with yet another of his collector series of books compiled from his extensive photo library, order your copy now of this limited edition collectors series. For just $45-00 plus $6-50 postage and handling $51-50 For your copy contact: Postage: Gavin Abbot, 34 Elliott Street, Opotiki 3122 Or email: OPOTIKI TRANSPORT CO. It all started with the Opotiki flood of 1918 when farmer S.S Brewster lost his farm and started suppling fire wood in Opotiki to provide an income for himself. Starting out with a horse and cart then as motor vehicles became available he purchased one and started the Opotiki Transport story. The full story of this pioneering company compliment­ed by Gavin Abbots fine photo library, another collectors must have. LIMITED EDITION For just $40-00 plus postage and handling $7-00 For your copy contact: Paper Plus Opotiki, PO Box 37, Opotiki Ph 07 315 6263 Fax 07 315 7133 Email 96 | Truck & Driver

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