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8 Otago Daily Times Wednesday, October 14, 2020 @ TELEVISION TVNZ 1 TVNZ 2 Three Prime Choice Maori Channel 39 © TVNZ 2020 freeview 1 SKY1 © TVNZ 2020 freeview 2 SKY2 freeview 3 SKY3 freeview 10 SKY 4 freeview 39 terrestria­l Dunedin & Invercargi­ll freeview 12 SKY 24 freeview 5 SKY 19 6am 9am 10am 11:25 6am 7am 8am 9am 10am 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30 The AM Show The Café Infomercia­ls Face The Truth Seasonal Wonderland Choccywocc­ydoodah – Starstruck Grizzly Bear Cubs And Me Hotel Impossible Stars In Their Cars Mysteries At The Museum Salvage Hunters The Weekend Workshop Cash In The Spare Room Property Brothers – Forever Home Animal Park Nigella Bites Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals Mysteries At The Museum Salvage Hunters Forged In Fire 6am 9am 10am 11am Noon 12:30 6:30 6:50 6am 6:25 6:50 7:15 7:40 8:05 6:30 6:50 8am 8:20 8:50 9:30 10:30 6:35 7am 8:10 8:30 9am 10am Breakfast The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point The Chase 1 News At Midday Emmerdale Book-Hungry Bears Maia The Brave Bare Bears Ben 10 Miraculous – Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir Rainbow Rangers Moon And Me Religious Programmin­g Infomercia­ls Neighbours Murphy Brown Grey’s Anatomy Come Dine With Me Couples Judge Rinder The Middle Home And Away Shortland Street Bluey Power Rangers – Beast Morphers Brain Busters Friends The Simpsons The Big Bang Theory Neighbours Home And Away Shortland Street Motorway Patrol Ben 10 The Loud House Legion Of Super Heroes Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien Double Dare Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, And Dawn Batman – The Animated Series A Place In The Sun The Doctors Ice Road Truckers Hot Bench The Great Australian Bake Pipi Ma Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai Te Ao Tapatahi Takoha Te Nutube ZooMoo Cube Huritua Paia Easy Eats Opaki Iwi Anthems Whanau Living Nga Tangata Taumata Rau Hamu And Tofiga Matau Bros Gone Fishing Nga Pari Karangaran­ga O Te Motu Ako Toku Reo Korero Mai The Stage – Haka Fusion Te Mana Kuratahi Pukana Pipi Ma Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai Takoha Te Nutube ZooMoo Cube Huritua Paia Te Ao Marama The Outliers Ahikaroa Misconcept­ions Takiura Aroha Bridge Senior Kapa Haka Regionals Whakatauki Closedown 0 30 30 0 30 3 6am 6:30 7am Tech Tools Tiki Tour The Moe Show Southern Attraction­s Tomorrow Today In Good Shape Sustainabl­e Futures The Young Icons Beyond Stardom Made In Hollywood Focus On Europe Euromaxx Explore Drive It! Southern Attraction­s World Of Wildlife Horse Tails Euromaxx The South Today Southern Attraction­s The South Today Rural Delivery New Zealand Railscene The South Today Dark Carnival Check In Travelogue Journeys In Time Euromaxx World Stories To The Contrary The Day Euromaxx Southern Attraction­s In Focus Focus On Europe Discoverie­s America 7am We PG 30 0 7:25 30 30 30 30 0 3 7:30 7:50 8:40 James cannot forgive his wife for cheating on him, but she says he needs to move past it because he has cheated, too. (Part 3) Dr Phil goes to Nigeria to find Lois’s current fiancé; Lois believes he is stuck in Africa, and asks Dr Phil to fly him to the US. PG 3 10am 8:15 8:35 30 0 0 3 10:30 11am 11:30 Noon 12:30 1pm 1:30 2pm 2:30 3pm 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm 7pm 7:30 8:30 9:30 10pm 10:30 11pm 11:30 Midnight 1am 2:30 PGC PG 0 30 3 3 8:30 9am 9:30 Jamie worries about keeping the truth from Kim, but Andrea tells him they must convince her they are back together for good; Moira is unconsciou­s in hospital. 30 11am Noon 3 3 9am 10am 30 11:50 Dr Phil PG 10am 10:30 PGC PG PG 3 30 0 12:30 PG 3 11am Noon 12:25 11am Noon 1pm 2pm 2:30 3pm 3:30 3:40 PGL PGC 0 0 30 1pm PGL 3 1pm Coronation Street PGC PG 3 3 32 Leanne fusses over Oliver; Nick receives a message from Sam, inviting him to join them on a trip with the telescope. 3:30 4:30 5pm 5:30 6:30 7:30 PG 1:30 3pm 3:30 4pm 4:30 5pm 5:05 5:20 5:30 5:40 5:50 6pm 6:10 6:20 6:30 7:30 8pm 8:30 9:40 10:10 10:40 11:10 11:40 2pm 12:50 Fatal Getaway PG 2019 Thriller. 32 Off 30 M 30 Friends staying at a home-share rental begin to suspect something is not quite right with the property’s charming and handsome host. Christie Burson. 3 1:35 2pm Married… With Children The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wheel Of Fortune Jeopardy American Pickers Frasier Prime News SkySpeed Storage Hunters The Crowd Goes Wild The Lego Movie PG PG PG 3 30 30 0 30 3 2pm 3pm 4pm 4:30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point Te Karere Beat The Chef 3 PG 3 0 0 2 0 3pm 3:30 4pm 5pm 5:30 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 3 PGC 2 2:45 The House That 100k Built – Tricks Of The Trade 4:05 PG PG 3 The bladesmith­s must choose wisely as they are asked to dumpster dive for the right steel to be turned into a hardened blade of their choice. 3 30 0 3 3 PGC 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 Skilful amateur cooks compete with house chefs in cook-offs to win a cash prize of up to £10,000. 30 Kieran and Piers help homeowners as they take on ambitious building projects, providing expert advice to help them achieve their dream homes. PG 30 30 3 PG 30 0 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 The Chase 1 News At 6pm Seven Sharp The Celebrity Chase 8:30 Alone – Million Dollar Challenge 0 30 0 0 PG 0 PG PG PGL 30 0 0 The participan­ts work on building shelters that can endure the harsh Arctic winter. Others hunt for food, making them the target of dangerous predators. PGCV 4pm 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 8pm 8:30 The Fishing Show Classics NewsHub Live At 4:30pm Millionair­e Hot Seat NewsHub Live At 6pm The Project Bondi Rescue Bondi Rescue NewsHub Decision 2020 – The Euthanasia Question PG 0 PGV 2014 3 M F An ordinary Lego figurine finds himself on a quest to stop an evil tyrant from glueing the universe into eternal stasis. Voices of Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt. Animated Adventure. Hosted by Bradley Walsh, Bonnie Langford, Leonie Elliott, Kevin Clifton, and Russell Kane take on one of Britain’s best quiz masters to win money for charity. Woolly wanderers meet traffic head on; riding an electric scooter over the Harbour Bridge; towing a 10-tonne meatball out of Spaghetti Junction. 0 10pm 10:30 11:30 12:30 Hunting Aotearoa Salvage Hunters Mysteries At The Museum Nigella Bites Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals Stars In Their Cars Rise Of The Clans Animal Park Alone – Million Dollar Challenge Mysteries At The Museum PGCV PG M3 12:30 0 30 3 2am 8pm Renters 0 PG PGC 0 1am 1:30 9:40 This Could Go Anywhere ML 3am 4:30 8:20 Lotto Invercargi­ll property managers inspect a brick-and-tile house that has gone to the dogs; when a former tenant arrives unexpected­ly, she learns she must pay $20,000 in damages. L Baz and Phil tee off at Cape Kidnappers Golf Club, ranked the 16th best course in the world, and get more than they bargained for when they visit New Zealand’s oldest prison. 4am 5am The Lotto draw. PGC 2am 3am MCV 8:25 The Celebrity Chase 3 4am 5:10 Patrick Gower is joined by experts to explore different issues and moral conundrums as the nation decides whether or not euthanasia should be legalised. Continued. 0 PGCV PGC 3 News bulletins and clips available on demand at www.channel39.co.nz 8:30 9:30 Border Security Coronation Street 30 0 8:30 0 Bad Moms 16VLSC 2016 Comedy. PG Sky Sport 1 Discovery Movies Premiere M 10:40 11:10 11:45 Winter Games Pacific Brothers And Sisters The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Closedown (HLS) Tracy tells Emma about her row with Steve; as Sally looks forward to her wedding, Tim assures her his father would not dare ruin their day. Over-worked, under-appreciate­d, and exhausted, three mothers go on a binge of fun and self-indulgence. Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell. SKY 51 SKY 70 0 SKY 30 9:30 Hawaii Five-0 M 6:35 7:30 Fast N’ Loud Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! How Do They Do It? How Do They Do It? How It’s Made How It’s Made Aussie Gold Hunters Evil Lives Here The Coroner – I Speak For The Dead Top Gear Gold Rush Gold Rush – The Dirt Fast N’ Loud Aussie Gold Hunters Aussie Lobster Men Deadliest Catch Aussie Lobster Men Outback Opal Hunters Moonshiner­s 6am 6:30 Skipper Cup Cup The Breakdown Cup Bledisloe PG (HLS) 6:36 Lizzie 16VLSC 2018 Drama. When the top salesperso­n for a beauty company pyramid scheme is murdered, the team must sift through a long list of possible suspects. 8:20 9:10 10am 10:25 10:50 All Blacks v Wallabies. (HLS) PG PG PG PG 0 0 0 30 Chloe Sevigny, Kristen Stewart. 7am 8am Bledisloe 12:45 10:30 11pm 10:35 11:10 11:40 12:20 1 News Tonight Manifest Mad About You 2 Broke Girls The Twilight Zone Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger Shortland Street Regular Show Infomercia­ls How To Get Away With Murder Scrubs Emmerdale Neighbours Infomercia­ls PG 0 8:18 The Gentlemen 16VLSC 2019 Action. All Blacks v Wallabies. (RPL) RNZ National 16 M 3 Matthew McConaughe­y, Hugh Grant. 10am 10:30 11am Noon 1pm Skipper Cup Super Rugby Unlocked Rugby Nation The Breakdown Bledisloe Cup Mitre 10 Cup (HLS) PG PG 0 Michaela and Zeke are pushed into the midst of a high-stakes bank robbery perpetrate­d by a mystery assailant. ML 0 10:08 The Vanishing 16VC 2018 (HLS) 10:25 10:55 NewsHub Late SVU 11:15 PG freeview 50 SKY 421 Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan. Thriller. 16 11:40 PG PG 3 6am 9:06 10:45 Noon 1:06 4:06 5pm 1:05 1:30 Morning Report Nine To Noon The Reading Midday Report Afternoons The Panel Checkpoint MV PG 0 30 30 11:52 21 Bridges 16VLC 2019 Action. When an infant goes missing, SVU members find themselves taking sides in a family’s right-to-die court case and, when Barba interferes, it puts the DA’s office in danger. 12:30 1:20 M 11:50 Take Two PG With Kathryn Ryan. 3 3 Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller, JK Simmons, Stephan James. All Blacks (HLS) M PG 1:40 2:45 Sam’s former fiancé unexpected­ly arrives asking for help. 1:30 v Wallabies. Waikato v Counties Manukau. Manawatu v 2:10 4:15 4:45 5:40 6:35 7:30 8:30 9:25 10:15 3pm MV 0 32 0 32 30 1:28 Blame 16VLSC 2017 Drama. (RPL) 12:40 1:05 5:35 4:20 4:40 Te Karere Infomercia­ls Te Karere PGS PG With Jesse Mulligan. With Wallace Chapman. 30 Quinn Shephard, Nadia Alexander. 3:30 Mitre 10 Cup Bledisloe Cup (RPL) 5:05 PG M 0 30 30 3:08 Fisherman’s Friends MLSC 2019 5:30 Canterbury. Blacks v Wallabies. All (HLS) 5:30 11:55 Infomercia­ls PG PG Daniel Mays, James Purefoy. Comedy. RNZ Concert News and current affairs programme. 4:58 A Dog’s Journey PGC 2019 Adventure. 6pm 7pm 8pm 8:30 The Breakdown Super Rugby Unlocked Pacific Brothers & Sisters Getting Grilled With Marshy PG 6:30 Trending Now Kathryn Prescott, Dennis Quaid. (HLS) freeview 51 SKY 422 PG PG Programme highlighti­ng the RNZ stories people are sharing online. With Bryan Crump. 6:46 Miss Bala MVC 2019 Action. 6am 9am Noon 1pm 3pm Daybreak The Works Upbeat Onstage Classical Connection With Cynthia Morahan. With Nick Tipping. With David Morriss. Gina Rodriguez, Anthony Mackie. Double Proof MLC 7:06 10pm Nights News At Ten 8:30 The Bromley Boys PGL 2018 Comedy. Justin Marshall talks with former Wallaby and commentato­r, Phil Kearns. Double Cross. A 15-year-old boy finds kindred spirits in one of Britain’s very worst football teams. Alan Davies, Martine McCutcheon. 11:05 11:55 12:20 12:45 Naked And Afraid How It’s Made How Do They Do It? The World’s Deadliest Weather Caught On Camera Gold Rush Gold Rush – The Dirt Alaskan Bush People Expedition Unknown Gold Rush M A roundup of today’s news and sport. With Karyn Hay. A late-night radio show with an eye on live events, an ear for music, a great sense of humour, and a genuine interest in people and their stories. With Nick Tipping. 9pm Mitre 10 Cup (RPL) 10:15 Lately PG Wellington v Otago. From Sky Stadium, Wellington. With Rick PG 10:20 Stockholm MVLC 2019 Comedy. Young. 11pm Midnight The Breakdown Rugby Nation Palmer Cup Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace. 7pm 8pm 10pm Evening Classics Music Alive Day’s End 1:35 PG 11:49 Elizabeth Harvest Life, Itself Blame Fisherman’s Friends 1am Farah 16VLSC 16LSC 2019 16VLSC 2017 Drama. MLSC 2019 2:50 PG PG 1:34 3:28 North Harbour v (RPL) 2018 Thriller. Drama. 3:15 4:05 4:55 11:04 12:04 5am Inside Out All Night Programme First Up PG PG 3am Skipper Cup First XV Rugby Revision Farah Palmer Cup Show Waikato. (DLY) RNZ Concert’s musical nightcap. 5:08 5am 5:30 The Lego Movie This Could Go Anywhere Midnight Music Through The Night (HLS) 7:30pm on Prime 9:40pm on Prime PG Comedy. metservice.com | Compiled by Key: Classifica­tions: Closed Captions; Maori language; Repeat; Highlights; Replay; Delayed. Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; Adults only; Content may offend; Language may offend; Suitable for mature audiences; Parental guidance recommende­d for young viewers; Sexual content may offend; Contains violence. HLS RPL DLY 16/18 AO C L M PG/PGR S V 14Oct20 0 2 3 we’re here to help Our team of Tech Solution experts are available every day to get you set up and sorted. Whether it’s for your home office, home entertainm­ent, or smart tech needs, they’ll get you up and running in no time. CALL 0800 HELP NL GET SET UP GETSUPPORT We will home deliver, install and set up your tech when it suits you Every new purchase comes with FREE‡ tech support for a year. Up to 30 mins per call GET PROTECTED GET IT FIXED Protect your products against the worst with our range of plans Our experts will advise you and repair your kit, remotely, in-store or at home Go to noelleemin­g.co.nz/services to find out more ‡Free tech support is up to 30 mins on your new Noel Leeming purchase. 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