Otago Daily Times : 2020-11-12

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14 SPORT Otago Daily Times Thursday, November 12, 2020 @ Sports draws Thursday, 19 November: Club play 10am­12 noon. Casual play $2. Inquiries: Stefany (021) 717­080 (froststefa­ny@gmail.com). Mathews; 8.08, Grant Godbaz, Vaughan Linwood; 8.16, Ash Gillon, Andrew Barlow, Logan Clarke. Tee 1 late: 11.30, Steven Lister, Iain Crombie, Kevin McKendrick; 11.38, Steven Wishart, Tom Garforth, Phillip Conlon, Daniel Burns; 11.46, Neill Clark, Bryan Munro, Harry Hood, Ike Nitis; 11.54, Barry Hughes, Wayne Haley, Kelly Broderick, Kade Haley­Broderick; 12.02, Sam Smith sen, Jason Smith, Stuart Payne, Ross Tilson; 12.10, Geoffrey Womphrey, Kevin Sullivan, Dave Sharp, Jed Adamson; 12.18, Sarah Kennelly, Tina Deans, Craig McEwan, 12.26, Lloyd Arnold, Dion Johns; 12.34, James Anderson, Arthur Kinnaird, Tim Rutherford, Rory Hewson. Tee 10 late: 11.30, Eric Bygate, Stephen Hitchcox, Greg Flannery, Scott Pullar; 11.38, Paddy Bleach, Jason Cook, Greg Johnson, Kelvin McCormick; 11.46, Connor Ross, Peter Wilson, Gary Lockhart, Hamish McKay; 11.54, Jakob Bleach, Adam Stephen, Mark Davis, Stephen Wheeler; 12.02, Colin Gray, Serge Kolman, Raymond Grubb, Ron Loftin; 12.10, Martin Fraser, Mark Stevens, David Cannan, Nick Wells; 12.18, Iain Ferguson, John Ferguson, Eugene Shields, Steve Whitehead. training, 5.30pm, various venues. Saturday afternoon club runs, various venues. Inquiries: Chris Sole (021) 118­8693 (chriscsole@gmail.com). www.leithharri­ers.com Oval 2; Carisbrook Dunedin/Kaikorai v Green Island Super Chunkz, Littlebour­ne 1; Green Island Sewer Rats v John McGlashan College 1st XI, Kensington Oval 1. Third Grade, all games 1pm: North East Valley Veterans v North East Valley DTS Lions, Gardens 1; Albion Kilda v University Grange, Culling Park 1; Carisbrook Dunedin Rottweiler­s v Carisbrook Dunedin Daredevils, Bayfield Park 1; Carisbrook Dunedin Jackals v Brighton, Bayfield Park 2. Fourth Grade, all games 1pm: Green Island Gators v Kaikorai White, Sunnyvale 2; Kaikorai Black v Cavaliers, Kensington Oval 4; Taieri Gold v North East Valley Wolves, Seddon Park 1. Clair), Jacqui Peterson (FF), Jan Barclay (Taieri), Barbara Walker (FF), Beth Brown (Taieri), Faye Cosgrove (GI), Carolyn Crawford (St Clair), Shannon McEwan (GI), Malia Tavite (FP), Tala Kelly (NEV), Helen Carman (Taieri). Tainui Ladies Veteran Fours, Thursday, November 19, 1pm, Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium. Club Colours to be worn: K Dooher (Comp), L Hellyer (Taieri), T Magee (Taieri), G Shine (Andy Bay), H Carman (Taieri), E Legge (Tainui), M Crawford (Taieri), J Young (Taieri), S Cosgrove (Mornington), L Rance (GI), T Marr (St Clair), N McGregor (GI), D Hughes (Fairfield), A Craik (Fairfield), N Byford (Taieri), J McGill (Comp). Athletics Golf ARIKI ARDLEIGH TAIERI SOUTHERN REGION This weekend at the Caledonian Grounds the senior combined event championsh­ips and weekly interclub. Details: Athletics Otago Facebook or website. This Saturday there will be a run/ walk from the clubrooms, meeting at 1.30pm. Details: Nola at ariki.athletics.club@gmail.com. Wednesday night walk/run from Guthrie Pavilion, Bayfield Park, meets at 5.45pm. Tuesday/Thursday training details phone A.J. 487­7765. www. ariki­athletics.org.nz/events. Facebook: @arikiathle­tics or email ariki.athletics.club@gmail.com Saturday, November 14: Harry North 4BBB and prize giving. Office: M Fuller. — Tee 1: 12.15pm, J Grubb, N Bobbette v M Kensington, C Kensington; 12.20, T Studholme, B Fraser v S Kensington, J Morgan; 12.25, A Puddy, J Childersto­ne v F Ross, P Davis; 12.30, M Fuller, P Noone v R Grant, A Brennan. Remaining players stableford. Thursday golf tees off at 12.30pm. Club night, Tuesday, November 17, Memorial Park. Children: Skill sessions 5.30­6.30pm (parent help appreciate­d). Senior competitio­n: Club championsh­ips, 6­7.30pm, events include 100m, 800m, discus, high jump. Summer runners/ walkers meet Saddle Hill carpark on Saturday morning at 8am. Inquiries: Rob 484­7556. SRPA Division one interclub, rounds 9 and 10, Saturday, November 14, Dunedin City Petanque. Registrati­on by 10.30am for start of play at 11am. BYO lunch. Alexandra to do raffles/afternoon tea. — Round 9: Caversham Pride v DCP Kauri; Southland v Alexandra; DCP Tuis v Taieri Titans. Round 10: Alexandra v Caversham Pride; DCP Kauri v DCP Tuis; Taieri Titans v Southland. Y'S WALK This Sunday walkers meet at Memorial Park, Mosgiel for a long walk at 10am. Inquiries: Bev 455­5260. BELLEKNOWE­S CAVERSHAM Saturday, November 14: Final club championsh­ips, others 3 clubs and a putter. Starter: M O'Hare. Office: D Woodmancy. House: B Johnston. Flags: W Jordan. Post entries: Mike (027) 501­5446. — Tee 1: 9am, B Johnston v M South; 9.10, A McCarthy v D Woodmancy; 12 noon, J McDowell v P Milford. Tee 4: 12 noon, J Romeril, M O'Hare, B Fillipo. Tee 6: 12 noon, W Jordan, C Bruce, J Savory. SECONDARY SCHOOL Saturday, November 14. — OXT (3 bowls), Thursday, November 19, 12.30pm: G Hanna, G Clegg, P McAuley (Morn), G Campbell (MacBay), E Scott (Portb), M Fitzgerald (StK), B Riley (Port C), K McCreanor (St C), S McCarrigan, D Angus, D Clark, S Clark, N Scott, G Russell, B Griffiths, L Driver (Cav). Two entries required. Inquiries: Murdoch 487­8886. ARIKI CHILDREN Swimming There is no children's athletics at the Caledonian Ground this Saturday. Monday night training at the Caledonian Ground begins with warm up's at 5.45pm. www.ariki­athletics.org.nz/events. Facebook: arikichild­rensathlet­ics/. Email ariki.athletics. club@gmail.com Junior Premier Boys, all games 9am: Taieri College v OBHS 10B, Taieri College 1; South Otago High School v Kaikorai Marvels Junior, Balclutha Show Grounds 1; OBHS 9B Blue v Kings High School 6th XI, Corstorphi­ne 1. Premier Senior Schools, all games 1pm: Kings High School 3rd XI v OBHS Blue, Corstorphi­ne 1; John McGlashan College Red v OBHS White, Brockville 1; Kings High School 2nd XI v OBHS Gold, Kensington Oval 5; John McGlashan College Blue v Taieri College 1st XI, Brockville 2. Open Secondary Schools, all games 1pm: Logan Park High School 1st XI v Kings High School 4th XI, Logan Park 4; Kings High School 5th XI v Kaikorai Marvels Senior, Sunnyvale 3; John McGlashan College Gold v OBHS Red, John McGlashan 1. Bowls DUNEDIN SWIMMING CLUB BOWLS DUNEDIN Coaching for all members at Moana Pool tomorrow (Friday), at 6.15pm. Inquiries: Christine 473­0225. Open Men’s Pairs, Saturday, November 14, 9am. — Fairfield (HQ): Miguel Rodriguez (St Kilda), Bruce Fraser (NEV), Stephen Hughes (Wakari), Brendon Day (Palmerston), Craig McCaw (Kaikorai), Noel Seal (Morn), Tony Nicol (FP), Adam McGregor (Wakari), Graham Cook (Brighton), Ken Walker (Taieri), Geoff Purdon (Wakari), Phil Stevenson (Taieri), Steve White (FF), Terry Scott (NEV), Oliver Mason (FP), Peter Andrews (Taieri). Balmacewen: Paul King (Andy Bay), Russell Dawe (Kaikorai), Reece Aiken (FF), Nigel Birkbeck (Kaikorai), Jeff Cantwell (Morn), Joko Susilo (NEV), Duane White (FP), Cameron McKean (Cav), Keanu Darby (NEV), Blair Barringer (Taieri), Malcolm Wilson (Taieri), Rob Paterson (Leith), David Mercer (Taieri), Grant Simpson (Andy Bay). Kaikorai: Paul Everett (St Clair), Richard Leftwich (Morn), Glenn Murtagh (FP), Nigel Wright (Leith), Howard Mason (FP), Regan Larkin (Andy Bay), Bruce Abbot (Morn), Bill Hinton (Andy Bay), Mitchell Scott (Kaikorai), Wayne Hewitt (FF), Ross Stevens (St Clair), Dave Hutton (GI), Bob Sanders (Wakari), Graeme Hislop (FP). Leith: Grant Stumbles (FP), Alister Young (Mac Bay), Colin Wheeler (NEV), Allen Kannewisch­er (Morn), Gary Thornley (FF), Stephen Fleming (FP), Willi Simonsen (Morn), Martin Kreft (St Clair), Gavin Smith (Taieri), Dave Robinson (St Clair), Darron Wolland (Wakari), Andy McLean (Taieri), Dave Morris (NEV), Allan Bates (GI). Open Women’s Pairs, Saturday, November 14, 9am. Bye or late entry phone Darryl (027) 211­0228.— Macandrew Bay (HQ): Mary Stevenson (Outram), Ange Francis (NEV), Cathy Isaac­Croot (FF), Barbara Archer (Taieri), Sarah Ibbotson (GI), Judy Robertson (Taieri), Liz Black (Mac Bay), Tracey Penty (Andy Bay), Cathy King (Andy Bay), Jill O'Gorman (FP), Dot Mowat (FF), Vicki Robinson (NEV), Janet Swallow (Outram). St Kilda: Sarah Scott (NEV), Sandra Dingwall (St FAIRFIELD CAVERSHAM Men’s fours, one team urgently required for our monthly tournament starting next Friday (November 20), at 9.30am. Inquiries: Steve White 488­4841. On Saturday and Sunday the South Island Masters and Combined Events Championsh­ips will be held at the Caledonian Ground. The meeting will also incorporat­e the Otago Combined Events Championsh­ips and a modified senior interclub programme. Details: Athletics Otago website. Weekly runs each Monday and Wednesday from John McGlashan College Carpark, Cannington Rd, at 5.45pm. Track and field inquiries to Paula Cotter paula.cotter@gmail.com. www.cavershamh­arriers.co.nz Touch CHISHOLM LINKS Twilight: Thursday, November 12. — Tee 1 and 13: 5.30, L.J. Hooker and Blue Birds (duty teams); 5.38, Coolit and Mix and Match; 5.45, Lodge 19 and Safety First; 5.52, GolfNutz and Red Buttons. Tee 5 and 7: 5.30, Scorpions and Microsale Rebel Tour; 5.38, Coastal Sharks and The Driving Club; 5.45, Southern Men and Mornington Tavern. Medal (blue tees), alternativ­e stableford (white tees). Duty: Alastair Hinsley, Cam Power. — Tee 1 early: 7.44, Peter Buchan, Tony Kennedy, Gerard Murphy, Mark Ryan; 7.52, Cam Power, Russell Hawker, Neville Hawker, Chris O’Kane; 8am, Mark Hamilton, Paul Rattray, Anthony Steel, Murray Howard; 8.08, Chris Rowe, Kenneth Campbell, Harold Spronken, Roel Wijand; 8.16, Chris Denton, Alex Wilson, Alistair Price, Brian Keogh; 8.24, George Barbara, Stu Ovens, Will Mulder, Dave Tasker; 8.32, Ladies 18 holes. Tee 13 early: 9.30am, Ladies 9 holes. Tee 1 late: 11.20, Dave Tackney, Russell Amos, Gordon Moore, Ian Chapman; 11.28, Paul Fairbairn. Raymond Te Huna, Peter Hermens, Lindsay Hall; 11.36, Greg Colston, Murray Hamilton, Peter Klee, Tom Selcraig; 11.44, Alastair Hinsley, Wayne MacDonald, Grant McCullum, Jeff Wilson; 11.52, Brian Donnelly, Keith Caldwell, Chalky White, Tony Malthus; 12 noon, Alan Muir, Dave Brooks, Michael Fisher, Allan Wallace; 12.08, Duncan Whyte, Graeme Trail, Syd Dobbs, Dave Nelson sen. Tee 7 late: 11.52, Michael Krawiec, Mike Becht, Andrew Pearce, Alister Brockie; 12 noon, Gary McKenzie, Greg McElroy, Matt Burns, Thomas Burns. Tee 13 late: 12 noon, Regan Boucher, Dave Nelson jun, Don Paterson, Ian Temple; 12.08, John Kinraid, Bill Duncan, Graeme Keen, Andre Ytsma; 12.16, John Stewart; 12.24, Pete Nixon, Dave Foote; 12.32, Roger Parsons, Bo Henare, Joe Hosking, John Bell. BISHOPSCOU­RT OPOHO Evening 3­bowl pairs tournament, Wednesday, November 18, 6.30pm. Entries/inquiries: Magnus McGee (021) 511­091, Helen Gibbs 473­6448. Tonight (Thursday, November 12). — Family: Kodiaks v Bear Necessitie­s, 6.30pm, G6; Always Late v Nobodies, 6.30pm, G7; Skuxx As (Family) v Mocks Motley Crew (Mixed), 6.30pm, G8; Otago Sports Depot v Marist Family, 7pm, G5; Never Too Late v The Good Crew, 7pm, G7. Masters: Desperate Wannabes v Red Cards, 6pm, G1; Fossils Masters v Dreamcatch­ers, 7pm, G1; Relics v Resolve IT, 7.30pm, G1. Mens Black: Kings 1sts v OBHS Seniors, 6pm, G3; Kingsmen (Crossover Mens) v Victors (Crossover Mens), 6.30pm, G5; The Freak Show v Strawberry Jammers, 7.30pm, G3. Mens Blue: Drunken Devils v Fossils Men, 6pm, G2; Kick on Krew v Touch Oven, 7pm, G4; GI Grizzlies v The Shrips, 7.30pm, G2; Touch Me There v Bucky's Boys, 7.30pm, G4. Mens Red: Moana House v Offcuts, 6pm, G5; Barbarians Men v Screaming Eagles, 6.30pm, G1; Touch Me v OBHS Juniors, 6.30pm, G2; Kings Juniors v Studnogs, 6.30pm, G3. Mens White: Loyal & Proud v Touch Too Much, 6pm, G7; Victors (Crossover Mens) v Kingsmen (Crossover Mens), 6.30pm, G5; Ghost Chips v Dragons ATG, 7pm, G8; Free Range Eggs v 2BTOWN, 7.30pm, G6. Mixed Black: Gentle Dental v PH Cherry Blossoms, 6pm, G4; College Renegades v Taieri College, 6.30pm, G4; Ice v Barbarians Mixed, 7pm, G2; Galaxy Developmen­t v SRFC Maggies, 7pm, G3. Mixed Blue: Young Guns/Old Ones v Hawaii TryO, 6pm, G6; Mocks Motley Crew (Mixed) v Skuxx As (Family), 6.30pm, G8; Farmlands v The Dancing Linguines, 7pm, G6; Suite Steppers v FindeX Factor, 7.30pm, G5. TAIERI LAKES Saturday, November 14. Men: Third round strokeplay championsh­ips (blue tees), white tee stableford for others. Women: Stableford home pennant. Bar: P McDonald. — Tee 1 early: 8am, David Barnett, Iain Vercoe, Mark Billings, Geoffrey Burn; 8.07, Ryan Rosevear, Joshua Boath, Phil Bungard, Blair Bennett; 8.14, Ricky Kim, Gary Abernethy, Merv Chave, Duane Boyes. Tee 10 early: 8am, Ian James, Jason Mears, Tim Clark, Ian Gillespie; 8.07, Robert McIntosh, Jaxon Boyes, Chris Petre, Stephen Rusbatch. Tee 1 late: 12 noon, Mark Andrews, Matthew Lee, Ian Boath, Craig Stringer; 12.07, Neil Johnston, Greg Keene, Andrew Guyton, Henry van Turnhout; 12.14, Bryan Ferguson, Brynn Coffin, Sonny Hyndman, Steve Reeves; 12.21, Greg Keith, Robert Reid, Sean Yoo, Nigel Wilkinson; 12.28, Todd Hendry, Murray Reid, Dave Laws, Tom Trevathan; 12.35, Barry Lyall, Greg Tomlinson, Royce Rivers, Colin Blackie; 12.42, Greg Hannah. Tee 6 late: 12 noon, Lisa Johnson, Julie Stringer, Susan Johnston, Rany Yoo; 12.07, Lee Fraser, Lee­Ann Anderton, Sue Butlin. Tee 10 late: 12 noon, Kristin Ellis, Blair Ellis, Philip McDonald, Brett Kennelly; 12.07, Wayne Myers, Graham McPhee, Jack Kennelly, Graham Fahey; 12.14, Neville Graves, Tim Eketone, Terry Smith, Graeme Hobbs; 12.21, David Brook, John Sudol, Richard Lee. Tee 12 late: 12 noon, Trudy Woodhead, Tania Stevens, Lorraine Coffin, Kay Mercer; 12.07, Pip Hannah, Sue Abernethy, Sharon Fitzgerald, Renee Miller; 12.14, Kathryn Baker, Dianne Fahey, Zelda Matheson, Jules Clunie. Tee 14 late: 12 noon, Alison Robertson, Glenda Walters, Elizabeth Watt; 12.07, Karren O'Neill, Sue Jopson, Chris Gibson. PORTOBELLO OXF, Sunday, November 15, 1pm (mufti): W Jobson (Morn), A Pennell (Wakari), F Webster (PBO), P Spain (Opoho), R Dolby (St Clair), G Clegg (Morn), G Peterson (Brighton), B Cameron (PBO), J Hellyer (Karitane), W Marshall (WH), S Priest (Morn), N Austin (Cav), B Riley (PC), M Agate (WH). Inquiries: Eddie 478­0559. Saturday, November 14: Wednesday, November 18. — CAVERSHAM CHILDREN Girls T16 Youth Smash, 4pm: Queens High School Red v Bayfield High School, Kensington Oval 4; St Hilda's Collegiate Blue bye. Girls T20 Youth Smash, both games 4pm: Columba College v St Hilda's Collegiate Green, Kensington Oval 5; Taieri College v Otago Girls High School Blue, Taieri College 1; St Hilda's Collegiate Blue bye. A children's twilight interclub meeting will be held at the Caledonian Ground tonight (Thursday) between 6pm and 8pm. Inquiries: Evelyn Armstrong (021) 1761138 (earmstrong­chemistry. otago.ac.nz), or Ken McDonald (027) 894­3722 (mcdonaldOk­en@gmail.com). ROSLYN Tournament, Tuesday, November 17, 1pm (mufti): R Anderson (Wakari), D Barkman, K Malloy, E Willis (St Clair), G Simmons (Mornington), G Munro (Andersons Bay), D Polson, M Blaikie (Balmacewan), A McCallion (Leith), B Lippert (West Harbour), B Cavanagh, L Watson (Taieri), B Gray, P Stumbles (Kaikorai), G Parker (Fairfield), C Harris (Green Island). Jim Duke convenor phone 455­0011. CIVIL SERVICE Summer members will meet on the corner of Factory Rd and Church St, Mosgiel, at 1.30pm on Saturday. Inquiries: Jocelyn Adamson (027) 640­5183. DUNEDIN JUNIOR Friday, November 13. — Section 2, all games 5pm: North East Valley Ninjas v Taieri Martin, Gardens 1; Albion Crowe v Albion Wagner, Culling Park 1; North East Valley Tigers v Taieri Santner, Opoho 1; Albion Beard v Taieri Watling, Tonga Park 3; Kaikorai Panthers v Green Island Chargers, Sunnyvale 2. Section 3, all games 5pm: Kaikorai Black v Albion Sutcliffe, Kensington Oval 3; Green Island Vipers v Green Island Lotus, Sunnyvale 3; Kaikorai Thunder v North East Valley Cougars, Kensington Oval 4; Kaikorai Diamonds v Albion Turner, Tonga Park 4; Taieri Henry v Green Island Cobras, Memorial Park 2; North East Valley Icons v Albion Bacon, Logan Park 4; Kaikorai Bat Girls v Taieri Southee, Bayfield Park 1. HILL CITY­UNIVERSITY This weekend a modified interclub meeting is being held on Saturday and Sunday in conjunctio­n with the South Island Combined Events Championsh­ips and South Island Masters Track and Field Championsh­ips. Entries for interclub and combined events championsh­ips close tonight (Thursday) at 11.59pm. Inquiries: Marion Harris 453­1980 (harrismk22@gmail.com). Cricket DUNEDIN SENIOR Saturday, November 14. — Premier Grade, all games 11am: Taieri v Albion, Brooklands Park 1; Green Island v North East Valley, Sunnyvale 1; Carisbrook Dunedin/Kaikorai v University Grange, Memorial Park 1. Second Grade, all games 11am: Taieri v University Grange, Brooklands Park 2; Albion v Otago Boys High School, Tonga Park 1; North East Valley Cygnets v Kings 1st XI, Kensington LEITH South Island Masters and Combined Events Championsh­ip incorporat­ing modified senior interclub and Otago Combined Events Championsh­ip, Friday to Sunday, November 13­15, Caledonian Ground. Tuesday training, 5.15 pm, Caledonian Ground/Logan Park fields. Thursday Saturday, November 14. — Junior Premier Grade, all games 8.50am: Albion Richardson v Albion Cumming, Culling Park 1; Taieri Guptill v Green Island Phatoms, Seddon Park 1; North East Valley Hornets v Kaikorai Lions, Opoho 1; Kaikorai Crushers v Kaikorai Avengers, Bayfield Park 1. Section 1, all games 8.50am: North East Valley Rockets v Taieri Williamson, Gardens 1; Kaikorai Leopards v Taieri Nicholls, Sunnyvale 2; Albion Moir v Albion Watson, Bayfield Park 2; Taieri Bates v North East Valley Toroas, Memorial Park 2; Kaikorai Tigers v Green Island Titans, John McGlashan 1; Albion Lees v Taieri Munro, Kensington Oval, 5; Kaikorai Knights v Taieri Taylor, Kensington Oval 4; Green Island Raptors bye. Section 4, all games 9am: Kaikorai Blue v S4 Albion McCullum, Brockville 1; Green Island Spyders v Green Island Diablos, Kensington Oval 3; Green Island Apollos v Eastern Stags, Brockville 2; Kaikorai Bolts v Albion Williamson, Tonga Park 4; North East Valley Wolves v Albion Craig, Logan Park 4; Kaikorai Dragons v Taieri Boult, Tonga Park 3. Section 5, all games 9.30am on Bishopscou­rt 1 outfield (1­5): North East Valley Swans v Albion Boock; Green Island Jaguars v Green Island Atoms; Kaikorai Lightning v Albion Rutherford; Green Island Firebirds v Taieri Jamieson; Kaikorai Rhinos v Taieri Ferguson. LIVE ISLAND PARK Yachting Saturday, November 14: Stableford (4), vets (4). Tee 1 early: 8am, L Graham, S Cushnie, B Buxton, A Toomer; 8.06, A Smith, A Saies, L Milburn, V George. Tee 15 early: 8am, P Moore, A Viggo, M Joyce, D Tangata; 8.06, G Gavegan, G Wong, P Harrex, J Hakanson; 8.30, Saturday morning women’s golf. Tee 1 late: 12 noon, M Bell, B Young, P Milne, R Stuart; 12.06, M Stuart, T Brandham , S McCormick, P Withers; 12.12, G Denston, M Brouwer, M Cox, G Greer; 12.18, J Coombs, N Ireland, B Fuller, K Keogh. Tee 15 late: 12 noon, S Stuart, B Rowe, C McLeod, J Smith; 12.06, C Clapperton jun, C McPhee, G Townsend, K Hays; 12.12, G Pohatu, R Greer, C Clapperton sen, J Dowie. Starter: P Bezett. Bar: M Bell, B Young. Results: P Bezett, C Clapperton jun. Sunday, November 15. — Course open to green fee players. Alteration­s: P Bezett 488­2853. MACANDREW BAY BOATING CLUB Saturday, November 14: Principal Day, 1430 hours. Sunday, November 15: Club day, 1300 hours. Inquiries: Bruce Duncan 476­1152. Local Footy TWELVE OAKS Saturday, November 14: Irish team stableford. — Tee 1: 12.30, B Gibbs, M Howell, P Howell, B Howell; 12.37, D Romeril, A Swallow, D McDonald, R Garner. Tee 4: 12.30, L Sheridan, D Loli, B Russell, L Baird; 12.37, T Hiko, G Buchols, N Ellis, R Gallop. Tee 6: 12.30, D Byrne, J Finn, J Forde, M Nicol; 12.37, W Barkman, D Jackson, P Keddell, J Paterson. Tee 8: 12.30, D Hale, B Campbell, C Fraser, A McCaughan; 12.37, B Watkins, B van Trunout, J Hanrahan. Tee 9: 12.30, PE. Alteration­s: John Stringer (027) 486­1323, Macaulay Howell (027) 229­6177. Office closes: 12.15pm. OTAGO YACHT CLUB Sunday, November 15: Timms Cup, upper harbour triangle course. OYC clubhouse start/ finish line in Victoria Channel. Warning signal 1355 hours. Start boat is OYC white rib. HWDN 1638 hours (2.3m). Open to all sailing vessels. Entrants must print off the race instructio­ns from upcoming events on the OYC website (www.otagoyacht­club. org.nz). Entries at clubhouse from 1200 hours. Briefing 1300 hours. Inquiries: Warren (027) 202­7874. IS BACK! OWAKA YACHT CLUB Greer Trophy, Sunday, November 15, 3.30pm, high water at Hinahina 4.30pm. OTAGO VETERAN PORT CHALMERS YACHT CLUB The next game is at Middlemarc­h on Wednesday, November 18. Tee off at 10am. Saturday, November 14: Around The Bays Race. Open to all classes of yacht. To be sailed in the environs of the lower harbour. Warning signal 1255 hours. Communicat­ions via VHF channel 77. Yachts entered are advised to have an Otago Harbour chart on board. High water Port Chalmers 1531 hours (2.2m). Briefing and course to be announced at PCYC Clubrooms at 1200 hours. Also Macandrew Bay Boating Club Principal Day, refer MBBC notice. Inquiries: Graeme Hoskins (027) 910­1517. TWILIGHT Monday, November 16. — OTAKOU Sunday, November 15: Vegas Ambrose, 9.30am. — Tee 1: S Blok, M Page, P Asher, A Ayson; M Rutherford, N Gardner, G Leng, P Stechman. Tee 3: A MacGillivr­ay, G Bourke, C Bruce, P Dangerfiel­d. Tee 5: G Carr, J Solomon, L Schofield, B Callister; H Bourne, M Notman, I Young, E Webster. Mountain biking T21 Super Social, all games 5.30pm: Beers R Us v Mad Magpies, Sunnyvale 3; Out on Bail v Stephen Duff Motors, Kensington Oval 5; Cunning Stunts v North East Half Volleys, Bayfield Park 1; The Tuskers v Jeffrey's Islanders, Kensington Oval 3; Inch Bar Good Length v Steak n Cheese, Gardens 1; Wannabeez v Boys Trip Got The Runs, Brockville 1; Rebel Tour v The Tri Nations, Tonga Park 4; Trailer Park Boys v Bail Breakers, Brockville 2; Dodgy Middle Wicket v The Batlers, Sunnyvale 2; Opoho and District 2nd XI v Keys in the Bowl, Opoho 1; The Nightwatch­men v The Other Guys, Bayfield Park 2. T21 Super Sonic, all games 5.30pm: ODT Guns 2.0 v Dunedin Daredevils, Culling Park 1; Sons of Pitches v Beertween Bat and Pad, Kensington Oval 4; Wildlings Cricket Collective v SL Lions, Logan Park 4; SCMBC v Chuckers, Tonga Park 3; Mitchells Caversham Cavaliers v Bowling offies sinkin' froffies, Corstorphi­ne 1; The Tomahawks bye. AOK WANDERERS Saturday’s ride starts 1pm from the old Berwick School, cnr Henley­Berwick Rd and Maungatua Rd. Two ride options down the Taieri Plain to Lake Waihola and return. Flat ride is 30km and the 40km ride (more suitable for e­bikes) includes some minor hills. Details on AOK Wanderers Facebook page. Inquiries: John Fridd (027) 622­7495. PORT CHALMERS Saturday, November 14: Stableford, $6 entry; Clinton, entry $20 ($14 green fees and $6 day competitio­n). Cards: R Markham. Starter: J Brownlie. Bar: S Bell. — Tee 1: 12.30, S Bell, J Brownlie, Clinton, Clinton; 12.35, D Harvie, C Donaldson, Clinton, Clinton; 12.40, E Warren, A O’Connell, Clinton, Clinton. Tee 2: 12.30, R Bellamy, G Donaldson, Clinton, Clinton. Tee 5: 12.30, M Mamanu, P Rohtmets, Clinton, Clinton; 12.35, D Allum, P Glassey, Clinton, Clinton; 12.40, K Rohtmets, S Brownlie, Clinton, Clinton. Tee 6: 12.30, B Jackson, J Smith, Clinton; 12.35, R Hawkins, R Johnston, Clinton, Clinton. Tee 3: 12.30, L Warwood, R Markham, G Waugh, C McWilliam. Post entries phone clubhouse 472­8404, or Richard Markham (021) 032­7959 or 472­7489 (rjmarkham6­6@gmail.com.nz) Central Otago v OTAGO SOCIAL RIDERS BOWLS Saturday’s ride starts at 1pm from 134 Prince Albert Rd, St Kilda. Depending on fitness and ability, come prepared for ride options of 25km plus, including flat and/or hills. E­bikers welcome. TASMAN Rowena Jackson Tournament Fours, Alexandra, Saturday and Sunday, November 14­15, 8.30am. — Men: S Scott, P Houlahan, B Clements, D Kiddey, A Brash, A Watson, P Spooner, Bob McCauley, B Hickey, T Cowan, R Harvey, H O'Donnell, M van Rensberg, R Muir. Women: M O'Connor, J Anderson, P Kiddey, L Roberts, L O'Callaghan, L Tomlins, R Allen, M Ross. Multisport SATURDAY 14TH NOVEMBER 4.35pm | Wednesday, November 18. — TAIERI MOUTH MULTISPORT AND DUATHLON T17, all games 6pm: Pigs v The Heat, Seddon Park 1; The Tons v The K B's, Memorial Park 2; Waihola v The Force, Memorial Park 1 Art. FORSYTH BARR STADIUM Sunday, November 15. Details: www.facebook. com/TaieriMout­hMultispor­tandDuathl­on/ or phone Scott (027) 440­4700. North Otago Local Club Day! Croquet Petanque CRICKET SILVER BADGE TOURNAMENT ST CLAIR Senior (Borton Cup), all games 12.30pm: St Kevin’s 1st XI v Valley, St Kevin’s 1; Waitaki Boys 1st XI v Glenavy, Waitaki 1; Albion v Oamaru, WCCP Outer Oval; Union bye. Club 30, all games 1pm: Oamaru v Albion 2nd Grade, WCCP Oval; Union v Albion Harcourts, KGP 1; Waitaki Boys 2nd XI v St Kevins 2nd XI, Waitaki 2 (or WBHS Artificial 1 if no 2nd grass wicket); Valley bye. Youth Blast, all games 1pm: Waitaki v St Kevin’s Junior, Waitaki Artificial 2; Valley v SIPST, Valley 1. Saturday, November 14: Womphrey Ambrose 4­man (white tees). Ladies: Stableford. Morning starter: Phil Conlon. Afternoon starter: TBC. Office: Steve Wishart. — Tee 1 early: 7.28, Graeme Harford, Bob Kim, Peni Filipo, Tapu Patu; 7.36, Ron Maher, Shayne Carr, Peter Fenton, Mark Crawford; 7.44, David McLay, Dylan McLay, Garry Patrick, Mark Rowley; 7.52, Diane Campbell, Chris Chambers, Kay Patrick, June Cardoza; 8am, Glen Fowler, Dermot Harris, Kieran Gavegan, Brad Gillies; 8.08, William Creighton, John MacDade, Mark Tuten; 8.16, Phillip Luyten, Gary Taare Iti, Jason Santos, Richard Hockney; 8.24, Lynda Crawford, Caroline Burgess, Jenny Soper, Pauline Ryan; 8.32, Hannah West, Wendy Bowman, Judy Bevin, LeeAnn Henry; 8.48, Derek Lester, Elgan O'Donnell, John Cook, Rod White; 8.56, Brendan Torr, Daniel Torr, Derek Elliott, Logan Allen. Tee 10 early: 7.44, Terry Ebeling, Ryan Hannagan, Munro Doran, Wayne Cameron; 8am, Jamie Spaven, Kim Maiai, Barry Hanson, Tim Saturday, November 14: Associatio­n, report to venues at 8.15am for 8.30am start. — Punga Division 2: Nairn Smith, Ann Sharp. Division 3: Mike Sinclair, Carol Leishman, Daphne Hannagan. Leith Division 4: Lyn Weir, Jacqui Frood, Mike Brown, Sue Chilton, Tom Enright. Division 5: Dale Blackie, Trish Enright, Chris Heath. Sunday, November 15: Golf croquet, report to venues at 8.45am for 9am start. — Punga Premier: Nairn Smith, Ann Sharp. Senior: Sue Chilton, Tom Keenan, Steve Moratti. Leith Intermedia­te: Glen Mawson, Dale Blackie, Tom Enright, Johannes MacKay. Primary: Joan Mawson, Mary McCrombie, Trish Enright, Linda Martin, Valentine Lefrere. DUNEDIN CITY Club events this week. — Today (Thursday, November 12): Club play 10am­12 noon. Tomorrow (Friday, November 13): No Southern Training group. Saturday, November 14: Round 9 and 10 of Division 1 interclub at Dunedin City. Register by 10.30am for commenceme­nt of play at 11am. BYO lunch. DCP Tuis: Phillip Lyall (c), Cathryn Lyall, Mervyn Wilson, Jackson Gallagher, Judith Rosie, Karen Stephen. DCP Kauri: Neville Frost (c), Stefany Frost, John Downes, Nadine Simpson, Sergio Salis, Frances O'Connell. Sunday, November 15: Club play 10.30am12.30pm. Tuesday, November 17: Round 6 of Youth League 3.30pm­5.30pm. Youth training squad 5.45pm­6.45pm; club play 5pm­6.30pm. JUNIOR MARCH PAST PRE-GAME HALFTIME PUNT PASS PENALTY COMPETITIO­N ODAPT DANCE CREW South Otago www.ticketek.co.nz Buy your tickets now at search 'Otago Rugby', or in person at the Ticketek outlet in the Regent Theatre, Octagon, Dunedin. SHOOTING South Otago Gun Club Championsh­ips, Saturday, November 14, 12.30pm. D.J. McGregor Memorial, K Murdoch Memorial and South Otago Skeet Shield. Skeet, minis, single rise, point score, double rise and single barrel. Club grounds Glasgow St, Balclutha. OUR PROVINCE OUR COMMUNITY OUR GAME