Otago Daily Times : 2020-11-12

EDITORIAL : 16 : 16


16 Otago Daily Times Thursday, November 12, 2020 @ EDITORIAL £££ PRESIDENT­ELECT Joe Biden has won the popular vote by more than four million ballots. He has more than enough elec­ and incoming administra­tions. toral votes to secure victory and It is one that every outgoing is likely to match President president has participat­ed in £££ Donald Trump’s 2016 total. willingly, mindful of the enorm­ There is no discernibl­e path for ous responsibi­lity they must Trump to alter that outcome. pass on to their successor. And yet, undoubtedl­y stung by the loss, Trump so far has refu­ The period between adminis­ £££ sed to concede, saying he would trations is widely recognised as continue his fight in the courts. a particular­ly delicate juncture. It is, of course, Trump’s right There appears to be little that to pursue his legal options, was so pressing that Trump although his legal team has yet needed to make a last­minute £££ to produce any evidence of change in a position critical to fraud or widespread irregulari­ national security. ties. He can also seek recounts, Trump is bent on creating though his options there are turmoil and making himself the narrowing by the day. What Trump cannot, must not, centre to the very end. If he has do is obstruct the transfer of a legal case to make, let him power already under way. The make it. But he should produce machinery needed for such a his evidence quickly. This transition is massive and intri­ nation has to move on to the cate. Its success depends in business of the peaceful trans­ £££ large measure on the goodwill fer of power that is the hallmark and co­operation of the outgoing of our democracy.