Muscat Daily : 2020-10-19

BREAK : 14 : 14


BREAK 14 MUSCAT DAILY MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2020 DAILY CROSSWORD 52 Dry stream bed 53 Sun helmet 54 Nicholas and John 56 Doctrine 58 Footless creature 62 Desertlike 63 Barbara and Anthony 64 Spells 65 Titled woman 66 “Diamond ___” 67 Flick 68 Amin 69 Neighbor of Cal. 70 Pretty soon 72 Filmings 75 Toms and bucks 77 “___ Hai” 78 ’60’s dancer? 79 Actress Massey 80 Responsive 81 Harbinger 82 Courts 84 Duplicate 86 With irregular edges 88 Sofa 90 Emissaries 92 Comic Buttons 93 Casa dweller 94 Evil genius TV movie for 1 Across 96 Potter’s Rabbit 100 Lamarr 61 Andy of Westerns 71 Sheltered spinster movie for 1 Across 73 Concluded 74 Asian antelope 75 Dull surfaced 76 Succulent plants 77 Flirtatiou­s wife movie for 1 Across 83 Crew member 85 Highland beret 87 Sen. counterpar­t 88 Enhances 89 One of the Joneses 90 Finale 91 Alike 93 Portion 94 Prefix for lead or laid 95 Ship’s clock 97 10 Down, in a way 98 Queen of whodunits 99 Tall grass plants 101 Historic Vegas hotel 103 Hanger-on 107 Eskers 108 Moonstruck: var. 109 NYC winter time 110 Night, in Paris 111 A Turner 114 Motorists’ org. 117 A Stooge brother 101 Family member 102 Gibson or Torme 104 Jezebel, to 1 Across 105 Samoan port 106 Twin roles movie for 1 Across 112 Metalware 113 40th Prez 115 In the customary way 116 Played the ham 118 Group of nine 119 Saloon serving cerveza 120 Crouches in fear 121 Poet Teasdale namesakes 122 Adjudicate 123 Roofer’s sealant 124 NY explorer Hudson 10 Bourbon Street’s Al 11 Photograph­ic technique 12 Tree trunks 13 King Kong, for one 14 Boxer’s girlfriend movie for 1 Across 15 Busies 16 Return to office 17 After-school treat 19 Yoko 21 Little black ___ 27 Headed 28 Duct 35 Aggregate 37 YWCA sign? 38 Toaster’s handful 39 Professor deg. 40 Hollywood director Hal 41 Scandalous 42 DDE opponent 44 Pianist movie for 1 Across 46 1931 debut role for 1 Across 47 “___ 17” 48 City SW of Milano 49 Closing words 50 Certain tires 52 Garden clearers 55 Lizard 57 Banish 59 “___ Hattie” 60 Brunch favorite ACROSS 1 Leading lady Davis 6 Mas’ mates 9 TV alternate 12 “The Fabulous ___ Boys” 17 ___ in: liquidated 18 Site of Tallinn 20 Expressed a view 22 Former L.A. Dodger pitcher Claude 23 Nimoy of “Star Trek” 24 Journal 25 Holy Roman emperor 26 Aging star movie for 1 Across 29 Storm or Gordon 30 Baltic canal 31 Observe 32 New World org. 33 Eternities 34 Enclosures 36 Star on the skids movie for 1 Across 42 Templeton, Guinness et al. 43 Mire 45 Standing room only 46 “The Daily ___” 47 Soft-shell clam 51 Angry with DOWN 1 Corsica’s former capital 2 Persian queen 3 Unwed mother role for 1 Across 4 Links elevator 5 Ferber et al. 6 Melisande’s true love 7 Offshore 8 Small stump 9 Two-toed sloth TEST YOUR TAURUS VIRGO CAPRICORN APRIL 20-MAY 20 AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22 DECEMBER 22-JANUARY 19 You’re likely to be feeling larger than life. Why not revel in it? Your ruling planet, Venus, aligns positively with dream-big Jupiter, helping you access an easy flow of positivity and utilise increased charm and charisma in social settings. Meanwhile, the Sagittariu­s moon urges you to seek intimate relations, so reach out to the special someone who’s been on your mind. Your whole body is likely to feel like it's buzzing with an electric energy. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is to blame as it locks into a tense opposition with rebellious Uranus. Revelation­s and overthinki­ng go hand-in-hand with this combinatio­n, so try to find a happy medium for letting new informatio­n seep in. Your desire for freedom is likely to be stronger than usual too. It’s hard to tell if you want to hide away or put your best foot forward. Charming Venus spends the day in a sweet embrace with bountiful Jupiter, helping bring a magnetised and undeniable flair to any situation that requires active selfexpres­sion. Meanwhile, hotheaded Mars squares off to Jupiter too, stirring up more issues to be dealt with on the home front. 2. India's first indigenous helicopter was successful­ly flown in Bangalore on a. August 30, 1992 b. August 30, 1982 c. August 30, 1990 d. None of the above GEMINI LIBRA AQUARIUS MAY 21-JUNE 21 SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 22 JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 It’s easy to feel overstimul­ated by your environmen­t. Your ruling planet, Mercury, finds itself entangled in the electric field of revelation-bringer Uranus. When these two planets tango, your nervous system runs on high alert and your mind can feel like it’s been struck by lightning, as revelation­s come washing in. Pay attention to any changes making themselves known around work. Let the good times roll today, Libra! Your ruling planet, bondbuildi­ng Venus, harmonious­ly aligns with faith-instilling Jupiter this afternoon, helping you receive a much needed boost of optimism around the more trying matters you’ve been dealing with at home. Your charisma and appeal are likely to be on point as well, so don’t be shy about making an appearance! Don’t keep to yourself. You’re craving a fulfilling connection to others at the same time that you find yourself processing some profound emotional material. Bond-building Venus aligns with faith-instilling Jupiter this afternoon, helping you mend any tricky intimacy issues that have come up. Self-assertive Mars adds some edge to your communicat­ion as it squares off to Jupiter. 3. In which of the followings places was the last Winter Olympics Games held? a. Albertvill­e b. Lillehamme­r c. Sochi, Russia d. Salt Lake City (USA) CANCER SCORPIO PISCES JUNE 22-JULY 22 OCTOBER 23-NOVEMBER 21 FEBRUARY 19-MARCH 20 A variety of conversati­ons paint the cosmic landscape today. Energetic Mars and charming Venus spend the day deep in talks with Jupiter—helping permeate the atmosphere with an air of opportunit­y around social relationsh­ips and providing a general feeling of optimism. Mercury shares an exchange with Uranus, helping you see new creative visions to apply towards your goals. Be mindful of the financial decisions you choose to make. You might feel tempted to pull the trigger on something out of your budget, as your ruling planet, Mars, locks into an encounter with do-it-bigger Jupiter. Otherwise, good vibes permeate your social sphere with a little help from sweet Venus, but expect partnershi­p matters to present a few surprises today too. It's time to push your career goals forward. Monday’s skies work to boost your visibility and enhance your social presence among people who can help make your dreams come true. This is all thanks to magnetic Venus and energetic Mars interactin­g with dream-big Jupiter. Put yourself out there and reap the rewards of using your voice. Do be mindful of your finances today. c 3: a 2: c 1: Answers: DO YOU SUDOKU? KIDS COLOURING LEVEL EASY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9 and only one instance of each number SUDOKU EASY DAILY CROSSWORD ANSWERS (OCTOBER 18) WORD BUILDER ANSWER You have three minutes to find all the words contained in this word. T S R E O G Rules: Words should be at least four letters long, proper nouns and duplicates don’t count A 20-25 words: Excellent, 15-20 words: Very good, 10-15 words: Good, 5-10 words: Average PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW