Paradise : 2019-11-01

Arrivals Lounge : 144 : 144

Arrivals Lounge

arrivals loung e Visitor GUIDE MINI GUIDE TO TOK PISI N WORDS /PHRASES Papua New Guinea has more than 800 languages, but the three official languages are Tok Pisin, English and Motu. Here, we outline some Tok Pisin, which is the largest of PNG. How much is this? One beer, please. Restaurant Hamas long dispela? Wanpela bia plis. Bilong wanem? Ples bilong kaikai Goodbye Gutbai Hello Halo Water Wara Baggage Kago Airport Ples balus Place Ples Fish Pis Thank you very much. Why? How many children do you have? Tenkiu tru. Yu gat hamaspla pikinini? Y ou understand English? lingua franca Where do I find a taxi? Yu save long tok Inglis? Where is my bag? Where are you from? Bai mi painim taxi long we? Bag bilong mi istap we? Yu bilong wanem hap? Mi no save. One coffee with milk, please. Where can I change my money? I don’t know. What do you want? Wanpela kap kopi wantaim milk plis. Wanem hap bai mi ken senisim moni bilong mi? Yu laikim wanem samting? Where is the toilet? Toilet istap we? Numbers 1 23456 7 8 9 10 Wan Tu Tri Foa Faiv Sikis Seven Et Nain Ten 144 Paradise – Air Niugini’s in-flight magazine

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