Paradise : 2019-11-01

Welcome Aboard : 146 : 146

Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard Enjoy our Bird of Paradise in-flight service Please ask us Entertainm­ent If there is anything our cabin crew can assist you with during your flight, please do not hesitate to ask them. A selection of movies and music including classical, modern, country and local are available on internatio­nal services. Hand luggage Pillows and blankets Please ensure that your carry on luggage is placed in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you. On Internatio­nal flights, pillows and blankets are available on request from our cabin crew. Takeoff and landing Cuisine Ensure that your seat is in the upright position during takeoff and landing. Folding tables must be returned to their original position in the seat back or the armrest. Our in-flight* meals have been specially prepared for your enjoyment. If you require a vegetarian meal or you are on a special diet, child or baby food, please inform us when making your reservatio­n. Safety first Your seat belt must be securely fastened during take off and landing or whenever the seat belt sign is on. When the seat belt sign is off you may move about the cabin as necessary. However while seated, keep your seat belt fastened securely in case of unexpected turbulence. In-flight Duty Free During the flight take some time to look through our In-flight Duty Free brochure located in your seat pocket. Duty free purchases can be made after Meal Service. All major credit cards are accepted. Electronic equipment Immigratio­n and Customs Forms Cellular telephones, TV receivers or radio controlled devices are not to be used at any time on board an aircraft. Electronic devices such as portable computers, compact discs or cassette players and video games can be used only when the seat belt sign is switched off. During your flight, our cabin crew will distribute Immigratio­n and Custom forms before each landing point. Ensure that you carefully read and complete these documents and have them ready for inspection with your passport at the Immigratio­n and Customs arrival counters. Children and babies The cabin crew will also be pleased to assist in preparing your baby’s food and bottle. Baby food and diapers are also available. Please do not hesitate to ask our friendly cabin crew. Before you leave Please check your seat pocket and overhead lockers before you disembark to ensure you have not left any items of value. We look forward to seeing you when you next fly with us on our Bird of Paradise Service. Smoking Smoking is not permitted on any Air Niugini flight.

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