Paradise : 2019-11-01

Departure Lounge : 25 : 25

Departure Lounge

(Left-Right) Hubert Warupi – Pacific Sports Media Marketing, Sarah Miller - Grassroot Soccer Partnershi­ps Director, Nicole Banister – Grassroot Soccer Training and Partnershi­p Coordinato­r, Sisa Kini – EMPNG Community Developmen­t and National Content Manager, Jacklyn Ravu – former YWCA Gender Trainer, Andrew Lepani - PNG Olympic Committee Deputy Secretary General Nurturing PNG’s leaders of tomorrow By supporting life skills programs, ExxonMobil PNG has helped students and educators throughout local communitie­s realise their full potential. Through partnershi­ps with the Papua New Guinea Olympic Values Education Program, the Grassroot Soccer Program and the PNG Cancer Foundation’s Healthy Teens School Program, students and educators across PNG are benefiting from hands-on leadership, skills and values training. Investing in education today helps nurture PNG’s leaders of tomorrow. “We are grateful to have ExxonMobil PNG support the Olympic Values Education Program. The Olympic Values are positive values that not only transcend sport but all aspects of life. The program has seen a great connection between the athletes and students,” Auvita Rapilla, Secretary General of PNG Olympic Committee and IOC Member. PNG Partnershi­p Building capacity for the future­ship

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