Paradise : 2019-11-01

Traveller : 53 : 53


LOCATION IS EVERYTHING. COMFORT IS EVERYTHING. FACILITIES ARE EVERYTHING. the hote stan l& ley suit es JACK dom SON . S AIRP ORT JACK int. SON S AIRP ORT 6 min The only hotel connected to a large upmarket shopping centre. Largest resort swimming pool and gym. Six food and beverage outlets. Safe and secure. DR gate way hote l GUISE JOHN airw ays hote l 2.2 min 2.6 min HU BE RT MU RR AY H W Y NI GA AI W G E A U T A D R Sir Joh Gu n Sta ise diu m WA IG AN I DR MOREA-TOBO RD KENNEDY RD holi inn day hote l GOR DON MAGI HWY 9 min Call on +675 302 8888 for bookings RD DEN GAR BOR OKO DR r close ING SPR HOH OLA NOR TH hilto n hote l reservatio­ns@thestanley­ www.thestanley­ WAIG ANI 10 min DR HA GW A ST HOHOL A BISINI PARAD E you than . think boro ko haRbo ur city WARDS RD TAURAMA RD gran papu d a hote l SPRING GARDEN RD 20 min EARN QANTAS FREQUENT FLYER POINTS FOR YOUR STAY.

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