Grocott's Mail : 2020-06-26

Vnational Arts Festival : 6 : 6

Vnational Arts Festival

6 VNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL Grocott’s Mail 26 JUNE 2020 The Village Green goes virtual offering too – expect intricate beadwork, colourful traditiona­l clothing, exquisitel­y carved bowls, vases and children’s toys, and much more. The Festival is working with the Craft and Design Institute to bring traders from across South Africa into the space through links to their Peek pages from the Virtual Green web page. Shoppers wanting to buy from crafters will be able to transact directly with traders to ensure a personalis­ed experience. Since its launch in 2017, CDI’S and what would the Festival be without the Village Green to shop all your souvenirs – so we are inviting our traders to come and join us.” The Virtual Green will be housed on the Festival’s website, which is currently being upgraded, and will present some of the much-loved Village Green finds such as woolly beanies, handmade jewellery, paintings and carvings, fabrics, clothes and more. The Eastern Cape’s showcase of local craft and design will form part of the The Village Green, the buzzing fair at the heart of the National Arts Festival, will this year become an online treasure trove of crafted wares and savvy finds. “We decided that the show must go on this year, which has meant that the Festival has pivoted into the digital realm,” says Monica Newton, the CEO of the National Arts Festival. “It’s been a steep learning curve for all of us but we are determined to bring our audiences a very special experience

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