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1 It’s just a jacked-up C3!

Pretty much. The C3 Pi­casso’s re­place­ment, on sale in Novem­ber, is a peo­ple car­rier that’s moved with the SUV times. It’s in­spired by the C™Aircross con­cept shown at Geneva in 2017. At the pro­duc­tion car’s un­veil­ing, Citroën’s Eti­enne Menant in­sisted it had re­tained MPV lev­els of comfort. 2 Is it less prac­ti­cal than the car it re­places? Citroën em­pha­sises the con­tin­u­ing ‹lex­i­bil­ity of the in­te­rior and the sim­i­lar lug­gage space com­pared to the C3 Pi­casso. The rear seats can be in­de­pen­dently moved and folded, and up to 520 litres of boot space is 203 more than a class-de‹in­ing Nis­san Juke.

3 In what sense is it an SUV?

In the light­est of senses. The Aircross shares its plat­form with the Peu­geot 2008 and Vaux­hall Cross­land X, rides higher than a nor­mal hatch and comes with Grip Con­trol tech for low-grip sur­faces, but don’t ex­pect it to climb Ever­est. Citroën’s very fo­cused these days on comfy seats and soft sus­pen­sion.

4 Looks good, doesn’t it?

The Aircross has around 90 di¢er­ent colour, roof and wheel com­bi­na­tions. Even the rear quar­ter win­dow can be cov­ered with a weird Vene­tian blind e¢ect. There aren’t any Air­bumps, though, as Citroën didn’t want to blur the lines be­tween Aircross and Cac­tus.

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