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Cars are al­ready gen­er­at­ing, stor­ing and shar­ing huge amounts of data. That’s only go­ing to in­crease. There’s a big (and po­ten­tially ex­tremely dull) bat­tle com­ing up about who owns that data and what they can do with it. Con­nec­tiv­ity only works if the lo­ca­tion and speed of your car are known at all times. But that also means

your lo­ca­tion is known at all times – by the car man­u­fac­turer, the GPS and in­ter­net providers, by the high­way au­thor­i­ties, and oth­ers. Who owns what? What can they do with it? A lot of laws need draw­ing up very quickly.

Stephan Appt of law •irm Pin­sent Ma­sons said: ‘Per­sonal data needs to be pro­tected, tech­ni­cal data needs to be shared. One can be­come the other – you are al­ways on the edge of a data breach.’

The le­gal sys­tems of the world are go­ing to strug­gle to keep up with the claims and counter-claims that will in­evitably arise as self-driv­ing tech goes through a glitchy phase of prangs and missed ap­point­ments. Law-mak­ers in di er­ent coun­tries will doubt­less come up with in­com­pat­i­ble so­lu­tions.

Lawyers and in­surance com­pa­nies will, as ever, do well out of all this.

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