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I was stunned to see you award first place to the Toy­ota GT86 in your May Gi­ant Test. We all know the love of cars is a to­tally sub­jec­tive thing: it’s why we have taste. I was for­tu­nate to have a GT86 of­fered as a hire car a while ago. Af­ter a cou­ple of min­utes lis­ten­ing to the wash­ing ma­chine un­der the bon­net, my ex­cite­ment be­gan to fade.

I then hit the mo­tor­way, ad­mit­tedly not what the car is de­signed for. While in sixth gear at 70mph I had a gap to go for and was up against that beast of a car, a Hyundai i30. I floored the throt­tle and about three days later was do­ing 73mph (tail­wind). The i30 went off into the dis­tance like Han Solo. I knew my folly for not be­ing in the right gear, so I dropped to fifth, and then, while be­ing over­taken by a Prius, hit the heady heights of about 75mph a week later.

It didn’t take long for me to hate the GT86 for all the same rea­sons I love my wife’s DS3 Sport: torque, comfort, qual­ity, fun. In short, my (sub­jec­tive) view was the GT86 is a gut­less pile of plas­tic poo and tack­i­ness which needed a turbo or su­per­charger, and some qual­ity con­trol, or prefer­ably a wreck­ing ball. Dar­ren Tom­lins

What’s not to like about the GT86? Dar­ren Tom­lins will tell you

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